Saturday, November 17, 2012

Boston Comic Con 2013

The Boston Comic Con is the con I look forward to the most each year. It has grown exponentially over the last few years. It is in my back yard. And it gets more and better guests each year. I plan a lot of my convention slush funds around Boston knowing I will have to opportunity to get a bunch of great commissions.

Well, the con has released its preliminary guest list and I have to say it looks great. Already I feel like there a a number of 'must haves' when it comes to commissions. Here is the link to the early guests:

And here are the folks I hope to run into for a commission already!

George Perez - Okay, I know that he drew Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, a book which took Kara Zor-El out of the DCU for 20 years. But how can I not try to get a commission from Perez! He's a legend! I can only hope he is doing sketches and that I can afford it.

I guess he'll be the table I run to first.

Mark Bagley- I really liked his Supergirl during the James Robinson run on Justice League of America. It's funny. JLA was the first I had seen of Bagley's work after having heard how great his work was. And at first I was underwhelmed.

But over the course of the run, I became more and more enamored of his work. I thought he drew a very nice Kara.

Dustin Nguyen - Not much to say here other than I love this guy's art and would think a Supergirl from him would be an unbelievable addition to my collection!

Amy Reeder - I already have a 'quick sketch' commission from Reeder (obtained by a buddy at a past NYCC) but I would love to get a more formal (?) or complete commission from Reeder. I love her style and I loved the recent Halloween Eve.

Amanda Conner - I know ... I know ... she doesn't sketch any more at conventions.

But maybe if I beg and plead?? Say 'pretty please'?
So four commission dreams (and an Amanda Conner pipe dream) already? And this list is probably going to quadruple in size. Hopefully, I'll manage to get a couple of these!

I do hope that the con takes the next step, bringing in writers and maybe getting some attention from comic companies, having them set up a booth.

My calendar's cleared. Hope to see you all there!


valerie21601 said...

Hey Anj,

Here is some news for Superman collectors.

Ohio is one step closer to approving car plates for Superman's 75th Anniversary.

It looks like it will be on the Governor's desk before the end of the year.

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