Saturday, November 3, 2012

Supergirl Hot Wheels Car

My thanks to blog-friend Gene for telling me about this latest bit of Supergirl memorabilia.

Hot Wheels cars, something of an obsession of mine in the early elementary school days, has come out with DC related cars. One of them is a Supergirl version of a 1938 Dodge Airflow.

The packaging here is absolutely lovely. As seems to be par for the course, the art is from Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and his licensing material. And, as always, it is interesting that the costumes used for these licensed material are not anything seen in the last decade.

The cardboard backing is the classic 'blue shirt' costume (I assume with red skirt if we saw it all). And the Supergirl on the truck is the headband wearing Crisis-era costume.

Perhaps more interesting than the costume choice, is the choice of car to represent Supergirl. An oddly small oil tanker from the 1930's?

I always pictured this Supergirl would be in a muscle car like a Dodge Charger.

What car do you guys think she'd drive?

There are other cars in the series including some odd choices. An Aquaman Ranchero? A Batgirl funny car? A Riddler crate delivery truck?

Still, of all of these, a Darkseid old school van seems the oddest choice.

Anyways, I need to get me one of those Supergirl cars ... and soon!


Anonymous said...

Leaving jacked up motorcycles to Babs Gordon, I think Supergirl would favor a reasonably high performance convertible.
Cuz she is Supergirl, she'd wanna be seen....the exact make and model I cannot say not being much of a gearhead.


Anonymous said...

I do recall in one Silver Age issue, Linda is riding a motorcycle with Clark and remarking that a motorcycle was the closest thing to flying for her.

Gene said...

I agree with you JF that Supergirl is the convertible type.

I can see the SBFF's doing a motorcycle cross country road trip:

Babs: You can fly anywhere so why are you riding a motorcycle?

Kara: Because it looks cool. *Puts on sunglasses*

BTW, I saw these cars at Walmart but they can be found on Amazon too.