Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Supergirl In Animated 'Brainiac' Movie!

So some stealth news did come out at San Diego Comic Con about Supergirl and I have to say it is great news!

Here is a link to a TV Guide article in which actress Molly Quinn leaks that in 2013 there will be a DC Animation movie based on the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank 'Brainiac' story from 2008: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Molly-Quinn-Supergirl-1050007.aspx

And here is some of the text from that article.

There wasn't a Castle panel at Comic-Con this year, but that didn't stop self-proclaimed fangirl Molly Quinn (Alexis) from heading down to San Diego for the geek fest. And she couldn't contain her excitement over a new project that will endear her even more to future Con crowds: The 18-year-old actress is voicing the role of Supergirl in an upcoming animated project based on a popular DC Comics storyline. "I'm so excited to be a part of the DC family, not to mention helping Superman fight crime," Quinn told TV Guide Magazine. "Yes, I am a supergirl!"

The as-yet-untitled project, the latest in a successful series of DVD movies from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, adapts a 2008 story by Geoff Johns featuring Superman's nemesis Brainiac and the bottle city of Kandor, which survived the destruction of Krypton, Superman's home planet.

"I'm thrilled about our 'Super' project," she said of the movie, which will be released in 2013. "And that my character happens to be named Supergirl? Well, that's just a bonus."

The Brainiac story was a fantastic, reintroducing Kandor, Argo City, Zor-El, and Alura to the DCU while reinventing Brainiac. It was wonderfully written and drawn, a perfect story for adaptation to the small screen. In fact, I think several blog friends here have been asking for this since the arc finished 4 years ago!

Supergirl did some pretty heavy lifting in the story, overcoming her fear of Brainiac, burning through robot troops, and ultimately saving the world when she stops Brainiac' Solar Aggressor missile! No complaints about anything here.

And Molly Quinn seems like a perfect choice to play Supergirl. So no complaints there!

I guess there really is a Santa Claus! Brainiac is being made into a movie!


Anonymous said...

I've been saying that this storyline would make a perfect 75 minute straight to DVD project for years now...all they have to do is tweak her weird confidence loss at the end there.
JF...is pleased!

8:25am EST

Anonymous said...

Good news. Gary Frank draws an excellent Supergirl, so I hope she will look a little more like his version than she did in her own book at the time.

The confidence issue JF mentions is a bit of problem as well as saying "i'm scared" every five seconds. There were better Supergirl arcs in the David/Loeb/80's as well as the current team, but there were a lot worse (never turn the Puckett mess into a movie).

valerie21601 said...

I loved this Supergirl storyline.

I dearly hope they avoid the part of the ending where Superman expands Kandor to full size on Earth and the New Krypton storyline started.

Anj said...

I think she is pretty kickbutt in this story, laying the smackdown on Brainiac drones and beating them with one of their own arms.

That scene at the end where she needs to steel herself to go after the missile ... I don't equate that with weakness. If anything, I thought it was this key moment where she realized just how powerful she is.

Anj said...

Val, I don't think they'll expand Kandor. I bet they show him putting it in his fortress in the end.

valerie21601 said...


I am sure the DC Animated people will come up with a great alternate ending. I find the Direct to Video movies made by them to be really great on the story telling as well as respecting the past and coming up with new versions that still show the honor what the characters stand for.

If they go the traditional route Kandor will be safely put in Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

Torn about if I want Kara's parents to be in there or not/

Dante said...

That is pretty awesome indeed.Those movies don't disappoint.I'll be waiting for this awesomeness...though I do hope it's Tim Daly who plays Superman.

Gene said...

This is excellent news! I haven't bought an animated DC movie since Apocalypse and I will be buying this one. I'm glad that you are pleased John Feer because I know you have been asking for this movie to be made for years. Now we will enjoy it together!

I wonder if it will have that scene between Supergirl and Cat Grant that dealt with X-ray vision and some implants...

Anj said...

I am also torn about wanting Zor-El and Alura to be there. I don't know if enough time will be devoted to them to make their story big enough for a 75 minute film. I also don't know if it will matter much to the mass market out there.

Still, seeing Zor-El and Alura animated would be huge for us Supergirl fans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Zor El and Alura (especially the dimwitted overbearing Alura we've come to know and love)are a whole Supergirl DVD unto themselves...so given the richness of that plotline, I don't think it'll make the cut.