Thursday, July 5, 2012

Results: Who Shot Zor-El? Poll

A week ago I asked 'who shot Zor-El?' and posted a poll to get a feel for the lay of the land. Even as I put the poll together, I understood that we haven't been shown a lot of Krypton making the list of suspects short and full of conjecture. At the time, I thought the most likely candidate was a scientist associate of Zor-El, someone wanting to make sure he didn't talk about the World Killer tech. I feared it might be Alura. But I also thought there was a chance it was someone we haven't even seen yet.

Interestingly, the results of the poll seem to mirror those feelings. 47 people voted on this short one week poll and 'Other' won the poll with 36%. After that it was basically a dead heat between Zod, Alura, and one of the scientists. Not surprisingly, the 2 choices I thought least likely (Jor-El or a World Killer) got the fewest votes.

I guess you have to declare General Zod the 'winner' among the suspects that I named. I suppose I am really hoping for 'not Alura' and Zod fits the bill.

But after mulling this over for a while I am starting to think about an idea I threw out there when I posted the poll.

Maybe Zor-El's killer and the missing '5th tube' World Killer is a new Reactron. That would be 'other' for sure.

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Anonymous said...

A random world killer scientist seems like a stretch unless they are being groomed to be the newest addition to Supergirl's rogue's gallery.
I doubt DC's high command would sanction Jor El as the killer although you can never tell in the current DCNU atmosphere.
Zod is a safe bet and any one of a number of Kara v.Zod confrontations could come of it, but then again Zod is too safe a bet.
An individual world killer might be the culprit, if so it's a pretty boring action-figure driven choice all things considered.
Given the choices, Alura makes a lot of sense, from Overbearing dimwitted vindictive Mom to killer Mom is no great leap of faith.
However I"m still unconvinced that Kara herself isn't some sort of "Worldkiller Mark II" or else a latent Matrixbot...