Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alura In Superman Secret Files 2009

With Alura recently on my mind and with the Secret Files blog crossover still close in the rear view mirror, I thought I would post this Alura Secret Files page from the Superman Secret Files 2009 book.

This book came out during the New Krypton mega-arc and Alura was still growing into her role as leader on the new world. As I have said before, Alura was a very complex patient. She was her daughter's harshest critic and yet she defended Supergirl with every fiber of her being whenever anyone had something harsh to say. She seemed to keep a cold distance to Kara but sacrificed herself to save Supergirl. She talked about the superior Kryptonians but she faked Reactron's death in order to torture him. At times I loved her and at time I hated her. When she died, I missed her as a character.

Will the darker DCnU push this already addled image of Alura even further, having her kill Zor-El?

This line from the write-up stands out a bit. In New Krypton, Alura wanted to preserve a pure Kryptonian culture, wanting to separate from Earth as quickly as possible, wanting to re-establish the old ways (often putting her in conflict with Superman and Supergirl).

Could that loyalty to traditional Kryptonian ways become fanatical in the DCnU? Could she be so against Zor-El's ways that she murders him?

Or she still a strong woman, loving wife, caring mother who simply wants what is best for her family?

We'll find out soon.

The Alura page was written by James Robinson with art by Jamal Igle. For those interested, here is the link to my review of the issue when it came out:

There is a great early Kara/Thara story by Sterling Gates in this issue.

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