Saturday, July 14, 2012

SDCC Wrap-Up - Supergirl Part 1

One of these days I am going to get to the San Diego Comic Con so I can hear this news in person.

Like many, I was scouring comic news sources and reading Twitter to get all the news fit to report.

First off, on Thursday, Scott Lobdell was on the All Access DC Now panel. Here is a link to the transcript on Newsarama: And here are a couple comments from that discussion worth mulling over.

Lobdell on Superman: Starting in issue #13, readers will see "a lot of Superman and a lot of Clark at the same time. What we're really going to examine is what it means to be the most powerful person on the whole planet, and yet you can't actually ever behave in a way that you are that person. You're hiding out among humanity."

I am still reeling a bit from the Lobdell/DeFalco Superboy #11 issue so I might be looking at these comments with too jaundiced of an eye. I hope that this comment does not mean that Superman is going to be uncomfortable being Clark or acting like a 'normal guy'. Anyways, I hope I don't see nonsense like him accidentally breaking stuff because he 'forgot about his powers'.

Lobdell says that he "couldn't be any more excited" about writing Superman, and that his run will include new takes on previously existing characters. "There's nothing like writing Superman," Lobdell says. "No offense, Scott." "There's nothing like writing Batman," Snyder replies. Snyder says he's read Lobdell's proposal, and there's nothing more inspiring than seeing someone who's been in the business for a while getting so excited about a project.

I doubt that DC would like it if another creator said 'I read his proposal and thought it stunk!' so I take these comments with a grain of salt. Still, Snyder didn't need to say anything so the fact he did comment so positively makes me a bit more optimistic.

Raven is coming up in Teen Titans, Lobdell says. "If I get my way, which I seldom do, we're going to be seeing Supergirl on the team," Lobdell says.

I don't think Supergirl should be put in any team book right now. She needs to establish herself in her own book before she joins a team. 

Also on Thursday, at the DC Collectibles panel, a New 52 Supergirl bust was announced available in November. Here is a link to the DC Source blog and that transcript:

And the announcement:
The DC Comics-The New 52 line of products will continue with Shazam! and Supergirl busts along with more. And the Cover Girls of the DC Universe line is being revisited with DC Comics-The New 52. 

Thanks to all the people who sent me pics of the bust. The Supergirl figure itself looks great, powerful and graceful at the same time. I am sort of bummed that they got away from the similar base style that the three prior Supergirl busts had. I thought it gave them all a sort of unified field. Still, I will definitely be getting this.

I'll wrap up the rest of the SDCC on Monday including the Superman Panel and some of the things which cam out in that forum.

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Dante said...

The Sg bust seems very nice.Good luck and have fun at the CC Anj.

As for Lodbell's Superman,I'm...not that eager.Griffen and Co. did a spectacular job before on the characterization,why change the team now.Sometimes I wonder if the editors even think before making these changes.Like,they jerk around the highest selling books,but the lower ones,they leave with a steady team.Go figure.