Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Supergirl Movie?

The Superman Home Page rocked the Supergirl community late last week when it shared this very short story from (a site I have never heard of which makes me take this whole story with a grain of salt. Here is the link:

And here is the blurb:

The first attack in a new all-encompassing marketing blitz thatll hopefully see young teenage girls go gaga for the 'Supergirl' brand - the same way they do, say, Minnie Mouse or Dora the Explorer - is about to begin in the form of a massive clothing and merchandising launch that'll put Kara's 'S' in a million places at once. Those involved in the launch of this new Supergirl garb blitz say their job is merely the first cog in a massive wheel that'll spin out new 'Supergirl' material over the next couple of years. One of the other cogs, of course, is the feature film that'll relaunch Supergirl back onto the big screen for the first time since 1984.

Now this, mind you, is not something my contacts know a lot about - being that it's not 'their department' but what they do know is plans are definitely afoot to bring 'Supergirl' back to our screens. And soon.

So I'll believe this much more when I hear it from some place a bit more well known. JC Penney has had a Supergirl line of clothes (associated with Nastia Lukin) for some time now. So a clothing line doesn't mean much of anything to me.

Now my guess is with the uber-success of The Avengers that rumors are going to spread like wildfire about every super-hero being green-lit for a movie. So hearing Supergirl is being considered isn't surprising either.

Would I love to see another live action Supergirl movie made? Absolutely.

But before I start talking about dream directors and 'who should play who?' I think I'll wait for things to be more concrete.


Anonymous said...

I dunno movie mongering and fan service are two things BOTH of the big name comic book companies do to perfection.
Few of the captioned properties ever get made into films and very few of those are worth seeing twice.
DC in particular is in a perfectly terrifying film slump Jonah Hex and Green Lantern both bombed yet DisneyMarvel is racking up billions at the box office with "The Avengers".
Frankly, I don't think DC/Warner Brothers knows how to attract quality collaborators to it's franchises outside of the BatManverse. Until they solve that problem I'm gonna ardently they pass poor Supergirl by on any Blockbuster Film Adaptation.
Besides, Supergirl's film fate is bound up with Superman's box office, if "The Man of Steel" does well her prospects will revive if not she'll be backburnered pronto.
That having been said, I've always maintained Kara is a natural in a TV setting (cartoon or live action it matters not.


Gene said...

I always wait for an official press release before getting excited. If there is a Supergirl movie I hope Helen Slater will have a cameo.

BTW, it was announced that the Teen Titans DC Nation shorts will be made into a full half hour series. A lot of people reacted to the news by stating that Super Best Friends Forever should be made into a show too. Hopefully DC Animation will listen and give fans what they want.

Anj said...

Agreed that it is way way too early to even think about this stuff. Heck, didn't we talk about Taylor Swift in a SG movie a couple of years ago? Still, felt I needed to report the buzz.

As for SBFF, I wouldn't even mind if that became the standard short within the Teen Titans cartoon. They seem a natural fit. But we definitely need more than just one last episode!

Dante said...

Feels like forever since I commented here...damn univerisity and your fish studies...

Just like you said Anj,it's far too early to even be talking about it,without the "Man of Steel" movie hitting the box office.Though it's nice that the article stated that they wanted to make Kara the new heroine for girls.That's a nice thought,she really deserves it,more than Wonder Woman,if only because she IS a girl and closer to the audience's age,compared to Diana.

As for the site...I agree,it's better to hear it from something more well known before we jump up and down in glee...though,could they be talking about a Direct-In-DVD movie?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I was a bit surprised about this news, too, and I'm also taking it with a grain of salt, as well. For me, the best series to make into a movie or TV series would've been Peter David's or Sterling Gates' run, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Linda Danvers' role. She was perfectly cast in "Wolf's Creek". I'm going to wait for the press release before I start headcanonizing who should be whom & things like that. ;)-ealperin

Anonymous said...

Correction: the tv show was called "Wolf Lake", not "Wolf Creek". Whoops!-ealperin

Lionel Braithwaite said...

This is a great idea, IF DC/Warner's can get it off of the ground properly and smartly.

Here are MY choices for a person to play Supergirl (note that they should be teenagers instead of twentysomethings):

Elle Fanning

Dakota Fanning

AnnaSophia Robb

Hallie Steinfeld (True Grit)

Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass, Let Me In

Any young actress working these days, or an unknown

As for direction, story, and producing? I'm not sure.

Gene said...

Elle Fanning would make an excellent Supergirl.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is a new Supergirl film would be AMAZING if done Right. Women off today are a lot stronger and have a great sense of power (please don’t think I am been sexist) since the spice girls in the 90’s brought girl power to the world I think a new Supergirl film would really take off. I have longed for another film about the maid of might for years now.

But it would have to be done right – it need modern life style and a great director and the main character need to be someone all girls can look up to, not a sex symbol…every girl should want to be Supergirl. She needs to be pretty but not sexy. We should learn more about her life as a girl (before been super) and although she will be strong and powerful, we still need to see emotion in her, a vulnerable side. Also with her been a young girl we should see her mess up a bit and learn from her mistakes…like I said before people need to relate to her and that were I feel the first movie in 1984 went wrong – she was too perfect. I would love to share some of my ideas about what I think would make supergirl great and I know we will all have our own opinions, which I love…but I say


Anonymous said...

Supergirl was/ is my favorite movie of all times :) I would love a modern retake. They've done so many superman films, time for supergirl !