Saturday, June 2, 2012

Granite Con 1 Week Away

The Granite State Comicon is only two weeks away and the crew and I will be heading up the highway to attend. Here is a link to the convention:

This has always been a fun convention for me. There are great guests but not an overwhelming amount so I can relax a bit more and actually shop for comics at a convention rather than just running around and lining up to meet all the creators. There is a more laid-back approach to this convention so it ends up being a great day.

I was going to try to get a commission from Eric Powell, most famous for being the creator of The Goon. He provided great art for the three part 'Escape from Bizarro World' story in Action Comics. But he had to cancel. Too bad because I was hoping to convince him to do a Bizarro Supergirl for me. I think that would be a great addition to my collection.

With Powell gone, my commission list suddenly will have to be rethought.

Keith Champagne is going to be there.

I don't know if I am going to try to get a commission from him but I definitely will have books for him to sign. Champagne inked the earliest issues of the Sterling Gates/Jamal Igle Supergirl run. I have most of those issues already signed by Gates and Igle so Champagne's sig would make it the trifecta of writer/artist/inker.

And while I already have a commission from The Stuff of Legend artist Charles Paul Wilson III, I have seen him doing 'Pooh Bear-ish' style commissions recently and think one of those would be excellent.

There are other great creators attending including Chrissie Zullo, Ming Doyle, and others.

Should be a blast!

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Diabolu Frank said...

True story: while I was with my buddy at Comicpalooza Day 2, he brought up Eric Powell. Supposedly, he has a piece by one artist that was associated with Powell, who drew something on the back of the board. According to my friend's friend (how's that for reliable sourcing?) Powell rarely does commissions anymore, and browsing his CAF page, seems only to offer doodles at shows. It seems like maybe Powell's appearing or not wouldn't make much difference on the commission front, unless those guys were just talking out of their shorts.

I'm hoping to see a cool Ming Doyle and sweet Roger Andrews go home with you! Got something in mind for another Chrissie Zullo?