Monday, June 4, 2012

DC Nation Magazine: SBFFs

The DC Nation magazine came out this week and seemed a natural purchase for me.

I have been a fan of Young Justice since it's inception. And even Green Lantern, which at first seemed lackluster, turned it around in the last few weeks with Mogo, St. Walker, and the Violet Lanterns all turning up.

And of course, the DC Nation shorts have been something of a relevation.

There are three comic stories in the book and some other pages promoting the shows. It is a nice colorful format and the supergirl at home liked it.

And there was a 2 page spread promoting the Super Best Friends Forever shorts.

First off, I love this action pose of the three, Supergirl front and center. I wonder if Donna's 'Suh-beffs' comment is going to be a running punchline, given that she used it in the last episode. And having Batgirl's lines missing spaces between the words nicely conveys her hyper-energized state.

But I don't know if I like Supergirl's comment here. The 'thunder thighs' comment makes it seem as though 1) her body is one that people would tease and 2) she would comment on it - even if it was to rebuff.

One of the things I like about the show is the different body types of the heroes. We don't need to even begin to bring a negative connotation to how Supergirl looks.

There are 'origin' blurbs on each of the SBFF's.

The SBFF Supergirl is sarcastic and has a short temper and is mischievous. This is a two minute short so each character has to have a big, easily defined personality. So this Supergirl is the hothead and the muscle of the group. I'm okay with that.

Because, even with the sort of characterization, we have still seen the 'real' Supergirl come out in these shorts. The one who respects Ma Kent. The one who regrets hurting her friends when she does lose it. And the one who loves her best friends and would do anything for them.

I have to say ... I have gotten a big big kick out of this Supergirl.

But this was the best part of this little 2 page spread.

Is there any doubt that Lauren Faust is one of us?

She relates best to Supergirl. She would love to do an episode with Bizarro Supergirl. Bizarro Supergirl in SBFF?? That would be so fantastic!

Add to that an interest in Harley Quinn or Starfire? Unbelievable!

These shorts have been so great and from a known commodity like Faust (who has a built in faithful audience). It seems premature to pull the plug on this. Time to hear from DCE that they will let Faust make more of these!


Anonymous said...

So HAPPY, right now!!!! LOVE SBFF's & Lauren!!! I hope the show has a longer running time, soon!!! It contains enough awesomeness for more than just one minute!!!- ealperin

Gene said...

Anj wrote:
"But I don't know if I like Supergirl's comment here."

I have some better ones:

"Super Best Friends...GO FOR IT!"

"Don't make me angry! You DON'T want to see me angry!"

"What? Are you brain dead or something? Were you born yesterday? You know who I am! I'M THE GOSH-DARNED SUPERGIRL!"


Anonymous said...

I agree with supergirl being like the muscle of the group. It seems fitting for her personality. And if youve seen episode 3, it really shows it.