Thursday, January 12, 2012

Super Family Cross Over

Over on the Superman home page, Super-editor Matt Idelson dropped some hints about an upcoming crossover event. Here is the link to the news and interview/Q&A session:

And here is the relevant blurb:

Many things that will be factors in Action this year are being established in issues #5-6, Frank. Grant (with the help of guest-artist Andy Kubert) has sprinkled an incredible amount of fun hints inside a really challenging story. Meanwhile, Keith and Dan are plotting some really star-spanning stuff for Supes, though before that we’ll be doing an event between Superman, Supergirl,  and Superboy in the summer. Superman hasn’t met Superboy yet, and his relationship with Supergirl isn’t exactly lovey dovey. Seeing how they function as a unit under those circumstances should be interesting, to say the least.

So, on one hand I am glad that the three will be getting together for a combined story, the first look at the 'Superman Family' in the DCnU.  After all, one of the appeals of Superman is his legacy, the family he has surrounding him. And, despite New Krypton and Grounded, I thought that the relationship Superman had  in the old DCU with both Kara and Conner actually was great. They had all grown together to love and respect each other. And maybe this is that first step.

That said, I have the same worries about this story that I have about Super-team in general in the DCnU. Who wants to read books where Superman has a lousy relationship with Supergirl or Superboy? And his relationship with his only living relative, between the only surviving Kryptonians 'isn't lovey-dovey'. I would suspect that both sides would want to embrace each other for support and friendship. Will they still not be talking to each other ... not trusting each other ... nearly a year into the DCnU?

I know this is a half a year away and much will have changed. But I really hope that this is a team up where the three learn to work together, trust each other, and become a family.

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