Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Supergirl #6 Cover

Over on his website, Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar posted the new cover for Supergirl #6, due out on February 15th. Here is the link to that post:

This is a great cover. For one, the 'looking up' point of view on comic covers are usually done to make the hero seem bigger than life, to increase the feel of power. Here it shows the exact opposite image, a helpless Supergirl pinned to the wall. But I also love the use of the blue sun as the source of light in the background, slightly washing out Kara's face, the shadows deepening at Supergirl's feet. And the overwhelming blue tint from the sun just pops. Adds to the melancholic feel to the cover.

Just given the material, I also think this will stand out a bit on the rack.

This was the original cover solicited for Supergirl #6.

And while this is a very nice cover of Supergirl fighting with Reign, it is the sort of standard battle scene cover, probably lost amongst the other battle covers on the rack.

I think the new cover is overall a better piece of comic art. Hopefully, if a trade gets made of this first arc, this proposed cover will be included in back material.


Gear said...

Utterly stunning. And that shadow on the wall next to Kara, it looks like the outline of Zor-El from issue #5..

That's just a fantastic piece of artwork.

Anj said...

Oooh ... nice pick up on the Zor-El shadow!

Definitely adds some mystery!

Martin Gray said...

Both images are very good work from Mahmud. I like the new cover more now that Gear has pointed out the shadow, but still prefer the original. The first version just pops, due to the colour and downwards momentum. The latest image foregrounds that godawful outfit, in a similar way to #1's cover, and the overall impression is too passive for my eyes. I don't DO melancholia!

But I can see why DC might decide against two consecutive Kara vs Reign images.

Talking of similar covers, have you seen the DC homepage, previewing Legion: Secret Origin #4 and #6 - there's an interesting flub: