Saturday, January 21, 2012

R.B. Silva's DCnU Supergirl

I have gushed over R.B. Silva's art on the Superboy title and recently revisited his great blog at:

Over on the site, he posts concept art, penciled pages, and other goodies. So I was thrilled to see his take on the 'new' Supergirl, posted way back in November. How did I miss this!!

What a great take on Girl of Steel! She looks stern and tough! But there is that Silva-feel to the whole thing. Stunning!

We'll see much more of Silva's Supergirl next month when she shows up in the Superboy book.

That image whets the appetite!

I'm not surprised that Silva renders a great Supergirl. We saw a bit of her in the Jimmy Olsen back-up feature back in Action Comics in late 2010.

Ack! I hope Silva ends up being at a convention I am attending at some point!


Anonymous said...

Ooo! Silva's art is GREAT! Can't wait to see more of his work!-ealperin

Anj said...

Yeah! Silva rocks!

Dex241 said...

Honestly I can`t wait for this issue because as a Superboy fan I can`t wait to see how he does against a true kryptonian and who knows he may give Kara a run for her money or vice Versa