Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New DC Logo - Supergirl Style?

The comic world got to take a good look at the new DC Comic logo last week, a sort of top layer D being peeled off of an deep layer C. It isn't super engaging on its own. But I don't know anyone buying the books simply for the company branding. Here is the DC Source article discussing it: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2012/01/19/new-brand-identity/

One thing that is potentially interesting is the creation of character or title specific interactive logos as seen above. The glowing green Green Lantern logo and the lightning style Flash one do look pretty.

I saw that the fantastic Aquaman Shrine site made their own new logos for Aquaman and they look pretty snazzy too. Here is that link: http://www.aquamanshrine.com/2012/01/dc-interactive-logos-pt-2.html

I figured why not try my hand at a Supergirl one. Alas, I am pretty lacking of advanced computer art skills. So take these with a grain of salt.

I thought that keeping the Superman style bright blue 'D' added a sort of visual link between the 2 cousins. They are part of the same hero family. That should carry over visually.

I thought that adding Kara's unique new S-shield as the underlying 'C', just a hint of her blond hair peeking in to show it is Supergirl, might be nice. It looks a bit dark here unfortunately. I should have tried to lighten up the shield.

And here would by my view of the Supergirl big screen. Again, the shield seems too dark for the C in the corner. You can barely make out that it is even a C. So maybe I need to go back to the drawing board a bit. But I think that the Mahmud Asrar cover image from the first issue is stunning and would make the best image to include on a Supergirl logo page.

Hopefully DC will give Supergirl her own interactive logo. I'd love to see other 'home grown' attempts too!


Gene said...

Looks good Anj.

Dr. Thinker said...

I think DC Comic may go with a red C on all Super-Family comic books to match Superman's red S.

Martin Gray said...

Nice work, Anj - pray they don't get out the pink crayons ...

Anonymous said...

Not bad, Anj! -ealperin

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

Agreed Mart! I better not see pink!