Friday, June 10, 2011

Super-Titles Post-Relaunch

DC seems to be releasing information about their new books in waves. We have had the Bat-books, the GL books, the Dark books, the War books, the Edge books.

All that is left are the Super books. Well here are the rumors, leaked covers, and my initial thoughts.

 Supergirl written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson (unconfirmed), presumed art by Mahmud Asrar. So I based my initial optimism on a handful of issues by those writers. But does anyone else have any opinions on their work? Someone left a comment here where they sounded concerned about their treatment of Lana Lang.

Green also wrote some early Smallville episodes. I really don't want Kara to act like the moping Clark from the show. He co-produced the Heroes show which certainly had strong pro-active female characters. I remain optimistic here. Asrar will bring a nice clean line to the book.

The costume will take some getting used to, especially those boots which I hope disappear. And the specter of Supergirl being Kara plus Karen is disheartening. 

Superman/Action written by Grant Morrison (probable), art by Rags Morales (rumor): As most people here know, I am a big Morrison fan. And I absolutely loved All-Star Superman (AS Superman #10 was my favorite of the run). I think the big question I am asking myself is which Morrison am I going to get? Will it be the All-Star Superman, JLA Morrison? Or is the loonier Morrison of The Filth, Seaguy, and even Batman R.I.P.?

I think his JLA was just the right mix of Morrison crazy imagination and super-heroics. Heck, I loved how Superman was the hero of Final Crisis, singing Darkseid away. I am looking forward to this book and wonder if some of the ideas from Morrison's Superman Now will find their way into this book.

Superman/Action written and drawn by George Perez (rumor). I am completely conflicted when it comes to this book. I have great faith in Perez. I loved his complete revamp of Wonder Woman back in 1987. And his art work is classic. But can Perez handle the workload? I remember the delays with Final Crisis:Legion of Three Worlds. Can he write and draw the book? And does George Perez invoke the 'fresh and new' feeling of the new DC? Of course, I will read the book ... but fingers are crossed.

The new costume seems a bit off too. I don't think I like the red belt or the knee pads.

Superboy written by Scott Lobdell (rumor). I really have read nothing by Lobdell. It looks like the bulk of his work has been for Marvel, and on titles I don't usually get. He is writing the new Teen Titans book as seen everywhere. I have to say that there is little about the Titans picture that makes me want to buy that book. And this cover isn't exactly grabbing me either. So I may not be getting Superboy ... or if I do I will have a quick trigger to dump it. Too much Matrix here. Too much Sark from Tron here. This is all too bad because the Johns/Manapul Superboy stories in Adventure were great and Jeff Lemire's take on the character was unique and interesting. I didn't care about Conner before those stories. Will I care now?

When will the official announcements for the Super books happen? Today?

It's a whole new DCU world. I just don't know if I am going to like it.


TalOs said...

In regards to SUPERMAN #1 - with all due respect to Jim Lee as well as that of George Perez as cool as that cover is (and it is) our so called "DCNu" (AKA the supposed official nickname for the Post-Flashpoint DCU itself) the re-imagined Superman pictured there just comes off looking overall very dated and would work were this still the '80's rather then the '00's. Then again there is a '80's popularity revival in motion as i type this so maybe George had that in mind upon the redesign? o_O (I highly doubt it but you just never know do you.)

Supergirl and Superboy's looks on the other hand look more belonging to that of 21st Century and maybe even the 31st (they're very futuristic in theme) in comparison.

Mike said...

I'm going to give Supergirl and Superman a try simply out of loyalty to the characters (no real love for Conner as Superboy -- nothing against him, just no interest). I'm with you, though -- no mopy "Smallville" Supergirl! I am so disappointed that the current continuity is (I guess?) ending -- I just finished reading the "Lovely Corpse" arc today, and realized I'd fallen in love with that creative team's Supergirl just as I had Jamal and Sterling's. A really lovely character, and not just physically! Strong and smart and funny. (Loved the panel of her sipping coffee with Lois while floating above the Daily Planet rooftop!) I wish it could just stay as it is (whine, whine, whine....!)

I have been absent from both Superman and Action since "New Krypton" ended, so I have less reservations about jumping back in at "square one." Morrison did fine by Supes in All-Star, so I suspect he can be trusted to do well here, too. And Perez is a known quantity.

All in all... cautiously optimistic!

Cilla said...

Sigh. Kara and Karen getting merged is quite upsetting. Both characters are amazing, but quite different. But at least Kara is safe and this isn't a repeat of the Crisis. That worried me. Steph on the other's looking like she's getting wiped, or at the very least pushed to the background. Kara and Steph are my favorites so while I'm upset at what they have done to Kara (I hate the new cape and boots and she isn't all) I'm way more concerned with Steph at the moment. I know this is a Supergirl blog, but I'm running a campaign to let DC know Steph fans care about her. If you could just promote it to your readers I'd be so grateful. It's hard to enjoy the fact Kara wasn't wiped when my other favorite character is in the same danger pre-crisis Kara faced.

Heath Edwards said...

i did enjoy the Green/ Johnson team on superman/ batman, a few years ago, and wouldn't mind them writing supergirl. i don't mind the boots, on the new costume, so much as the swimsuit. put her in skirt or pants, IMHO. love the 's' symbol and the collared cape. they do seem to have aged her, as she comes across in her early twenties...
ooo, would love to have Morrison on superman. i've really enjoyed a lot of what he's done, though i haven't been following his batman stuff much. loved all-star superman and seven soldiers. also, read his group proposal from ages ago, and would enjoy having his touch on the books. that said, i don't have any desire to have Perez on the book. i have nothing for or against him, but haven't read enough to care one way or the other. i also don't dig the new uniform or de-aging they've given him. the boots are just silly, and the belt is grotesque. it seemed a lot more natural to have him slim-lined. though the seams on the costume are a real-world touch, i think they could've given him a smoother uniform. i've always enjoyed an enlarged 's', so big yays there... the thing about de-aging him is that it doesn't give him the experience and wisdom that i think he needs for the other heroes to look up to him the way they have in the past. this may be the new DCNu (props to Talos), but i hope there'll still be a place of honour for superman.
lol, i enjoyed the teen titans cover, as much as i dislike the idea of where its coming from. the superboy there also seems a mile from this cover. i wonder how they'll reconcile that... but, i do like both superboy costumes :) this one for the tech feel, and the tt one for the ragtag/ wannabe rebel look :)... i don't mind the matrix/ tron feel. there used to be a lot of hi-tech in the 90s that seems to have fallen out, and i've always missed it, so its back here. yay...

sorry for the long rant, anj.

Anonymous said...

Why are they merging Kara and Karen?! *thowa hands up in fustration* They're two completely different characters with differing personalities and origins-unless the orgib's the same now.

As for Superman I think this sums it up on my Tumblr, "...O-0. Whuuuuutt? I can’t stop staring at his lower extremity region…."

As for Superboy, that redesign is way to Matrix-y and kind of Iron Man-like.... It's even a little too detailed for my tastes...he looks like he's going the Cyborg Superman route looks off kilter for an iconic character like this to be rebooted in such a way that is unrecognizable to us as fans of the character and it just -ealperin

Ayhe said...

I like Kara, and she looks adorable :3
But I agree with you, the boots need to be redesigned! They don´t fit with the outfit at all.

I did a little editing to that picture

I hope that the Dc guys will improve the boots, and keep Kara being part of the Zor-El family! :D

Anj said...

The Kara + Karen = Supergirl is just a rumor on the web. So hopefully it isn't true.

Beautiful mock-up Ayhe, as usual!

When will we get the official word??

Anonymous said...

The Supergirl costume redesign (although having a couple of hiccups) I think overall has received the highest percentage of positive comments of any of the redesigns I've looked into. It also does some important things: it ends the disastrous girls must wear trousers/female legs pornographic rumors; it ends the shorts vs panties under skirt war. I think this actually has a chance of uniting some of the factions that have made this version of Kara so divisive. Perhaps sales can climb once again and message boards will finally be peaceful (wishful thinking?).

In time, I think the uniforms will start going closer to their classics look. Perhaps the cape and boots will change and if they add a red skirt to that one piece, it's the same as Kara used to always wear. No shorts cut/ no panties-- a good compromise while keeping her looking like Supergirl. (Also, I have to think that initial reaction to their "pants" plans caused a redesign-- Black Canary and Zatanna will probably get their costumes fixed soon enough).

Here's to better luck with the character and a more united fan base in the future. Hopefully no Kara/Karen merge too-- I don't want that to be the new shorts/panties fight.

Anonymous said...

Anj wrote:

"It's a whole new DCU world. I just don't know if I am going to like it."

Part of me feels that this DCnU is some horrible dream I'm having, and all I have to do is wake up.....


TalOs said...

UPDATE: DC have just posted the official Superman family titles on "The Source"! The leaked costume designs are 100% real! Check out what they have to say about SUPERGIRL #1 the "teenager from Krypton" in particular! B-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link TalOs. Oh, so now Supergirl is an "unpredictable teenager" who does not share Superman's "affection for the people of Earth"? Did I read that correctly???

This sounds like a step in the wrong direction, especially considering the great Supergirl stories of the last three years.

As for Power Girl: I have greatly enjoyed her current solo series, and I'm sorry to see it go. The series has successfully fleshed-out Power Girl as a character with her own supporting cast, rather than resort to cheap boob jokes every page. It deserved to continue.


TalOs said...

Y'know, I have a strong feeling that there is actual truth behind the rumor circulating of Power Girl and Supergirl merge into one thus the reason as to why we get the "DCnU" continuity version here presented. "DCnU" Supergirl's "one piece" look not only seem to strongly support this (it's what Power Girl usually sports only redesigned, recolored and minus any gloves) and from what they describe of her attitude apparently now being like it rings very true to Power Girl's "punch first ask questions later" own is.

I'm just truly relieved and thanking God "DCnU" continuity Supergirl in question is still Superman's cousin and from Krypton at the end of the day myself. =)

Gear said...

Another one from Bleeding Cool:



Art and cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

On sale SEPTEMBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Meet Supergirl. She’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman – and none of his affection for the people of Earth. So don’t piss her off!

That sounds... like she's a bratty kid again. Crap.

Landry Q Walker said...


In all fairness, I'm not seeing the bit "So don't piss her off" anywhere official. It's not on the DC site anyway.

Otherwise the info is very neutral. The description could apply to a condescending and aloof Kryptonian, or something fundamentally similar to Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade.

In short: No one should judge this strictly on the information given. There's really nothing substantial to judge. Not saying she won't be depicted as a bratty teenager. Just that it's still anybody's guess.

Anonymous said...

Supergirl is an..."unpredictable teenager who does not share Superman's "affection for the people of Earth"?

Its been done before, BADLY and we have no real guarantee it'll be done well this time.
Right now, "The More I Hear, the Less I Like" is where I am with all of this.
Offense to Mister Walker's ruminations of course...

John Feer

Gear said...


You're right of course. Bleeding Cool is to be taken with an asteroid sized grain of salt. Glad to see you picked up on the "Don't piss her off" comment, we've had that story already and I'm hoping for a new vision instead of a re-tread.

The description could apply to a condescending and aloof Kryptonian, or something fundamentally similar to Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade.

If we could get another Cosmic Adventures I think I'd plotz, it was one of the highlights of the last few years for me. So, what are you saying, hmmm??? Sorry, just kidding. But seriously... yum.

Ayhe said...

I agree with mr Walker :)
And I have the feeling this new Supergirl will be handled pretty well :3

Saranga said...

I just reacted harshly to the Supergirl blurb on my blog, but thinking about it some more, Landry has a point.
She didn't have much affection for earth folk after they blew up her planet, so DC could be going in that direction, rather than the bratty teenager one.

The writers are good, the art makes her look more grown up than 15, so I guess we should just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

If that really is Superman's new costume, then it inadvertently draws attention to his "manly parts" in ways the old one, red trunks and all, never did.
If this is DC's bid for a "successor costume" conceived in fear of the current Siegel lawsuit, then seriously the design must needs be re-thought.

John Feer

Anj said...

I want to thank everybody for commenting. I have been away from the internet for a bit so haven't been able to add here.

I do think that the solicitation blurb is concerning and I think it does depend on how it all plays out. I'll do a post just on that to try to get more discussion going.

Landry Q Walker said...

Nevermind. Looks like the official solicitation DOES say "So don't piss her off!".

Weird, I looked previously and it was not there.

Anonymous said...

Let me say this, I trust Landry Walker, I trust Sterling Gates...I trust Mark Waid and Gail Simone and a bunch of other contemporary creators.
But I DO NOT Trust DC Comics, and never ever will. And I suggest a wariness about DC's intentions as this process unfolds to one and all.

John Feer

Gear said...

And I don't espouse lunatic conspiracy theories.

Here's a lunatic conspiracy theory. I cut and pasted the solicit from Bleeding Cool that had the "don't piss her off" quote in it, and Landry pointed out it wasn't in the solicit over on the DC blog. I read that, went over there and saw he was right, then I posted here again in response.

Now it's on the DC Blog. It wasn't there when I checked on the 10th, now on the 14th it's there.

I was thinking DC was just doing a horrible job of communication, and the fan unhappiness with everything was the result. Now I'm beginning to wonder if they're pulling everyone's chains intentionally in order to generate a lot of buzz, any publicity being good publicity. They saw that comment stirred people up, so they adopted it.

Yes, sorry, conspiracy. It's just weird, it wasn't there the other night, now it is.

Gear said...


No, you were right. It wasn't there before. I wish I had taken a screen capture.