Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brian Wood Not Writing Supergirl After All?

A while back, before all the hubbub about the DC New Universe, or reboot, or renumbering, or whatever else you want to call it, Bleeding Cool posted a story that Brian Wood (of DMZ, Demo, and Northlanders fame) was going to take over the Supergirl comic. Yesterday they posted that now he isn't.

That original post seems like a lifetime ago but here is the link:

We knew the book needed a new creative team because it was pre-ordained that Kelly Sue DeConnick's run was going to be only three issues. What we didn't know was that the next creative team (again, assuming that there is going to be a Supergirl book) was going to be taking over after the relaunch.

Over on his own blog, Wood posted something which might lend a smidge of credence to the initial Bleeding Cool rumor. Here is that link and a blurb:

So late 2011 and onwards, you will see a lot more company-owned work from me.  More than you might guess.  That might seem odd coming from me - and it feels odd TO me - but it is all part of A Plan.

So was one of the company-owned projects Supergirl? I guess the only thing not going for that is the 'late 2011' phrase which makes an September reveal seem maybe too soon. He also goes on to say that he is no longer DC exclusive.

Unfortunately, Bleeding Cool has since put up this ominous post here:

So it seems Brian Wood is not writing the book ... assuming there is a book. I can feel the optimism leaving me pretty quickly.

I mean ... doesn't anyone want to write Supergirl?
As for me, after hearing the rumor I went out and bought the Wood mini-series The New York Five, a very good book with wonderful art by Ryan Kelly. That book follows 5 young women during a time of flux in their lives, not a hero's journey as much as a life journey, working through potentially bad times to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. The characterization was very strong and made me think that a Wood-written Supergirl would be a compelling read.

No news yet ... on anything ... so let's keep our fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Maybe there is no plan to relaunch Supergirl, maybe someone is pitching something new and awful to DC editorial...
"Supergirl works best dead" or along those lines. Remember this is DC we are talking about, they could screw up a two car funeral.

John Feer

valerie21601 said...

I say let's do a letter writing campaign to either save this Supergirl or at least ship her off to the 31st Century to the Legion of Super Heroes to be their "Kryptonian Anchor" of the team plus a female on the power levels of Mon-El and Superman would be wonderful too.

In Kara's last appearance in Smallville we did see her leaving for the 31st Century and to join the Legion. Maybe that is a good sign?

If DC Comics can fight so hard and so long to keep Power Girl alive, after the first Crisis they can send Kara off to a corner of the DCU and let her "live" there too.
As for the letter writing, I will admit I have been able to start and send out weekly two hand written letters to one each to the editors/writers of Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes about this starting in January 2011. I do find different angles to say the same thing (not easy but I manage) encouraging more Kara and the Legion and of course her having a relationship with Brainiac 5 too. And writing to them about current story lines and asking about other character topics.

When I am not advocating getting Kara and Querl, in my letters I manage to slip hints of it on my letters by writing drawing doodles or tag lines on the last page of my letters like:

Kara and Querl = XTC

From what I understand a hand written letters is the most seriously taken by the head of companies because it shows your very serious and cared enough to write it and send it to them.

Followed by email.

Then phone calls (when it is available).

I read an article on (tv and soap opera) fan power that for every letter mailed to them. They assign a number to it anywhere from 60 to 1000 to it and they figure that many other fans agree with the sentiments in the letter but they don't write it nor tell them for whatever reasons.

Anyone want to join me in this letter writing campaign?

Anonymous said...

After Supergirl, the Legion announcement is the one I am worried about the most. I am not looking forward to yet another Legion of Super-Heroes reboot at all. What does this mean for Paul Levitz's plots over the last year? What about all the Legion Academy stuff in Adventure Comics? Current co-artist Cinar has already been assigned the Firestorm book, so we know that he's off. It would be great for Kara to be on the Legion, but on this current Levitz-written Legion, which I fear will no longer exist.

I am not looking forward to Supergirl having to start all over again after almost three years of character development and great stories. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

I agree that the umpteenth Legion reboot, especially after the publicity for Levitz' return is one of the more anticipated announcements for me.

I would love Supergirl in the Legion again, but DC might say they tried that in the Waid era and it 'didn't sell' so we'll see.

And until we hear what is happening with Supergirl herself, I am bracing myself for disappointment. Why flush these last 3 good years away?

Anonymous said...

I think Wood would have been better for Supergirl than Supergirl would have been for Wood.

I'm not really as much of a fan of the past 3 years as you... actually, I dropped Supergirl after one issue of Bedard, tried again and dropped after Puckett was worse, and dropped for good after a couple of issues of Gates (which, I admit, was better than Puckett, but still not for me). I wouldn't mind the last three years flushed away and the book taken up from where it left off after issue 18, but going in a different direction.

I have a feeling, however, that whatever DC does, either none of us will be happy, or, at least, less of us will be happy then were before. That kind of seems to be the direction DC (and DC enforced changes) goes with this character.

Anonymous said...

If Supergirl's origins are reset, I think Sterling Gates or Landry Walker would be the perfect candidates to write the first issue. If not them then perhaps Grace Randolph who wrote the Marvel Her-Oes mini last year.


The League said...

DC is launching 52 titles and trying to grab the attention of the public outside of comic shops.

1) Supergirl is one of 3 of DC's most recognizable female characters. If they're trying to draw attention to new audiences, having Kara in the mix seems like a must.

2) They're launching a Mr. Terrific series. If they have faith that Mr. Terrific can carry a book, I would guess Supergirl is a shoo-in.

3) I'm not sure that Brian Wood is a great fit if they're going to try to sell Supergirl to kids off the rack at Wal-Mart. I know DC hasn't announced chain store sales, but its hard to imagine that Nelson is going to push this hard on digital and now look for other outlets other than the naturally limited Direct Market.
I'd expect a writer with a lighter touch.

4) Don't know if you followed the Firestorm stories, but apparently a lot of writers pitched DC, some did outlines and maybe even scripts and thought they had books locked up. Not so much. I think Wood got caught up in this same predicament.

Anj said...

The point about Wood and other markets is a fair one, although we don't even know (officially) if he pitched for the book or what the pitch was.

I have been following the Firestorm firestorm. I would have loved to read a Clevinger Firestorm. I don't quite know about a Simone one.

And everyone keeps saying that there will be a Supergirl book. But I need to see the solicit to believe. I guess that makes me a Doubting Anj.

valerie21601 said...

Waid didn't work in my view because he didn't let her jell with the Earth-Prime Legion at all for a long time. It wasn't until near the end did he allow it. Kara was going to be sent back to the 21st century. She wasn't meant to be a permanent member.

From what I can tell they where taking avantage of the JLU: Far From Home feedback and thought they could send Supergirl to the Legion and give it a BIG sales boost too. Even though Waid had made it CLEAR he wasn't going to allow Kara to develop a deep personal relationship with Brainiac 5.

Technically his Supergirl and the Legion stories were good but she was kept at a distance from them far too long and so sales suffered for it. I do know for a fact that many potential, would-be comic book buyers fans of Kara and Querl of the Far From Home episode were so greatly disappointed that no current SG and B5 relationship was ever going to be allowed to happen under Waid.

Remember Waid fought very, very hard to get and keep Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl together as a couple even in death.

Gear said...

You're right that nobody will ever be happy about change in a comic book. Any of them, at any time. It's the nature of fandom it seems, to love and hate with equal vigor, and rarely show moderation in our tone or appetites.

I don't understand why fans pay so much attention to rumors of things that might happen and so little attention to what is actually going to happen. When fan-fave Spencer was announced people were doing a happy dance, and we had a huge amount of discussion here and elsewhere. When he flamed out before having a single issue published there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. All over a guy that, for whatever reason, couldn't or wouldn't stick with a commitment long enough to see any of his words in print. Yay for professionalism, either DC Editorial's, or Spencer's, or perhaps both.

Then we got an unsubstantiated rumor on Bleeding Cool that Brian Woods was going to be the future writer on Supergirl. And there was much rejoicing. For a rumor. There was no announcement from DC, and Brian Woods really never said anything to confirm the rumor anywhere. Now another rumor from the same source says he's out again. And there is lamentation and the tearing of hair. For a rumor. Unsubstantiated, unattributed, just one of those "we're told" blurbs. I got irritated at the time the "he's going to be the writer" rumor came out because we were paying vastly more attention to the rumor of a fan-fave that might be writing the book sometime in the future than we were to the team that was just announced. And still are.

By the way, if someone from Bleeding Cool is reading: I know, I know, there may be good reasons that the person providing the information can't/won't be quoted. But as a reader I have to "consider the source", and if the source can't stand behind their words then I don't know why they're saying it. Maybe it's true, or maybe they've got an axe to grind. Maybe they're trying to stir things up, or "testing the waters" to see what fan reaction would be, or they're providing disinformation as a smoke screen for some other reason. It could be anything, or nothing. So I consider the source, and give it all the consideration it's due. Which isn't much. It's a hand waving distraction from what actually is happening.

In the meantime we've got a new team coming on-board. DeConnick is a relative newcomer, but has published work we could talk about. CrissCross has done things in the business, and has a distinctive style that is worthy of comment. And we are going to have them for three issues! Yet what do we want to talk about? What we can't have.

I mean ... doesn't anyone want to write Supergirl?

I'm going to be a bit brutal here, but seriously: why would anyone want to write a title when all its readers want to talk about is the writers they can't have instead of the ones they have? Talk about a no-win situation.

Sometimes comic fandom just makes me tired.

Anj said...

I'm going to be a bit brutal here, but seriously: why would anyone want to write a title when all its readers want to talk about is the writers they can't have instead of the ones they have? Talk about a no-win situation.

Thanks for the great post. I can see your frustration ... and I feel it too.

I think part of this looking forward was that it was made clear that Peaty was on for one arc and DeConnick was on for only three issues.

With that sort of unknown facing us, of course speculation was rampant. The only name mentioned was Wood and so people started to mull over if they thought that would be a good choice. And now he seems to be out. So we are back to speculation again. All of this could stop with an announcement ... but I understand that DC wants to pace these things.

As for me, after reading the first issue of 'Good Looking Corpse', I was pretty happy that Spencer left. I don't know if he was going to write a good Supergirl and my guess is DC didn't either.

Lastly, your last sentence rings very true not just for Supergirl but for many titles. (I don't know if all WW fans think Azarello is a good pick for example.) But Supergirl in particular seems to have a fractured fanbase which makes almost any decision a live grenade.

To be honest, I wish Gates was still on the title. He had the right voice for the character and a long term plan.

Anj said...

And as for DeConnick and Cross. I can't wait to see what they are going to do. I've even gone out and bought some of her comics to get a sense of her story-telling and have enjoyed them.

Funny how the last two arcs before the reboot have Supergirl spending a lot of time on a college campus. I think that is exactly where Gates was taking her next.

I suppose all of this conjecture is a lot of wheel spinning. Let's just hear what is coming next.

Anonymous said...

Now that mist DC characters are gettiing rebooted,I just hope SG gets a great writer, and some respect as a great character. Peter David, Jamal Igle, Sterling Gates and the writers after them have treated this character very well. I am not counting the sunstone crystal and '"Kill Kal-El" stuff. That irked me as a fan and so did "Reign in Hell" series. I have retconned that from my mind. I also hope that in the coming years Linda Danvers is seen and heard from in anyplace BUT Limbo or Hell. Heck, I'd even love to see her get an animated treatment! Don't forget her, DC! -ealperin

AaronJ said...

I have to say, this new reboot/rehash/whatever has me very interested.

What will happen with Kara? Who knows?

They seem to want to make all the female characters as conservative as possible, so we will probably see a new outfit.

I haven't read the book since the mid-30s, so I'm not up on what Kara's been doing lately, other than reading your excellent site.

I guess we'll all find out in September, right?

Anj said...

I would love it if we had some information now ...

valerie21601 said...

If only DC hadn't fought so long and so very hard to Kara out of the DC Universe.

I would worry a lot less for one of my favorite DC characters. She's tied with the Legion of Super Heroes when it comes to me, for first place.

valerie21601 said...

If only DC hadn't fought so long and so very hard to KEEP Kara out of the DC Universe.

TalOs said...

UPDATE: All i've managed to get out of some of my online fellow DC Comic pro facebook "friends" is that apparently (1) DC do indeed have plans for Supergirl (2) Supergirl is still named "Kara" but may actually be Kara In-Zee (i.e. Kara In-Ze/"Kara Kent" from Superman: The Animated series-Justice League Unlimited TV show fame) instead of "Zor-El" (supposedly depends on the outcome of the Siegel and Shuster heirs vs WB/DC lawsuit) who has exact same powers and super abilities like Superman but hails from Krypton's neighboring Planet Argo sector instead (3) the writing art team they've supposedly decided on is meant to be a real "crowd pleaser" and (4) her costume has been redesigned by the yet to be named artist as well as Jim Lee (they collaborated) and is actually included amongst Jim Lee's 52+ character redesigns.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again.

I'm beginning to think DC actually likes the dissension since they actively encourage it. Supergirl gets flushed again for another new-and-improved version.

Oh well, this will last a couple years then they'll bring back Cir-El.

Anonymous said...

Kara In-Zee?
But if SG isn't related to Superman, then she is a potential mate isn't she?
The cartoon didn't delve into this, so I'm wondering if they intend on reconning Supergirl into a tween or something to prevent any hint of intimacy between her and Superman.

Wow then clearly this whole 52 book re-launch is a huge covert bid to redesign Superman and take him far out of the clutches of the Siegel lawsuit. I don't know what to make of any of this, I got the Supergirl I like, I don't need no stinkin' relaunch!

John Feer

Anonymous said...

Everyone who see this!

Look up the Superman Lawsuit dated May 26th, 2011.

It appears there was someone was very busy poisoning the relationship between the heirs and DC Comics thus keeping the fighting going on and on and on like this for obvious reasons.

Sources on this.

Is this a hopeful sign? Only time will tell.

TalOs said...

All due respect to my online DC comic facebook friends (whom i truly do appreciate) i sincerely hope that what they've told me in terms of Kara going from Zor-El to In-Zee is just worse case scenario should the whole Seigel and Shuster heirs vs WB/DC law suit go sour yet PTB at WB/DC wish for Supergirl to be still Kryptonian like in nature but not of Planet Krypton in origin itself should they loose the rights to Superman and his family. (But Supergirl was a creation of Otto Binder though so i don't see how the heirs can lay claim to her being thought up by their parents?) Man i just truly wish WB/DC would do the right thing and that is give the rightful payout that the Shuster and Seigel heirs are asking for (i read the official letter by Jerry Seigel's wife addressed to WB/DC prior to her dying this year and i was weeping by the end of it) and finally settle this matter BEFORE 2012 for the sake of ALL us Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Power Girl and Krypto fans world wide. *sighs*

Anj said...

I can't follow all the details of the Superman law suit. I need the 'Law and Order' cliff notes version.

I do think making her Kara In-Ze would be wrong. She needs to remain Superman's cousin. If not, you may as well go back to Linda Danvers (not that I would necessarily complain).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update TalOs! I agree with John Feer in that I also love the Supergirl we have now, and an In-Zee relaunch would be too drastic for my taste. I had no idea that the Superman lawsuit would even remotely affect Supergirl.