Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sterling Gates' Secret Project: Hawk & Dove

At some point I will go over all the new DC titles, or at least the ones I am going to buy and ones I am going to avoid. But ... at last ... we finally learn what Sterling Gates' 'secret project' is... Hawk and Dove!

I think this is right in Gates' wheelhouse: two young heroes, still relative newcomers, and with some friction between them. I can't wait to get this. And, while he isn't usually one of the artists I seek out, to have Liefeld on the book is going to be a plus. My guess is he is going to try to bring it here.

Now I am biased a bit. I have always liked the Hank and Dawn version of Hawk & Dove so I am glad to see them getting another title.

I really loved the Kesel miniseries, with art by a then 'up and comer' Rob Liefeld. Hawk was still reeling from the original Dove's death, wasn't initially accepting of Dawn taking up the mantle of Dove, and the two were just starting to learn about their origins.

This mini-series also introduced Kestrel, another Hawk-like agent of Chaos.

And what is not to like about the cliche 'Together again ... for the first time!' I love that tag-line.

And I was a fan of the ongoing series which was born from the mini-series. I even liked the 'what is really under their costumes' story arc where the two go to a magical world which was the home of their Lords of Chaos and Order patrons resided.

There has been a couple of new DC titles that I am really eagerly looking forward to. This is definitely one of them. And I am glad that DC is giving Gates another monthly!


Anonymous said...

Although this blog is DC oriented and I'm off topic, I think I'm more excited about Valiant planning to release new books again. If they are anywhere near as good as the pre "Unity" or even pre "Chaos Effect" Valiant Universe, I won't miss all those DC books I've dropped one bit.

Coloman said...

I got ridiculously pumped when I heard this news. I was concerned they might revert back to the original Hawk and Dove and lose Dawn. Not only does she get her own book again, but it's written by Gates.

I'm feeling better and better about this relaunch. It's not perfect (Zatanna no longer looks like Zatanna, Barbara is no longer Oracle, there does not seem to be Huntress or Zinda on the cover of BoP), but the good thus far is helping to outway the bad.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's real or not,but there supposedly are the covers for Superman 1,Superboy 1 and Supergirl 1.

Anj said...

Can't wait for H&D.

Saw the leak. Will post tomorrow about it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sterling! Good luck with the title.


Landry Q Walker said...

Never been a fan of Hawk and Dove, but Sterling sold me with his Supergirl work. I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Oh this looks GREAT! Definitely picking this up once it's out! -ealperin

Ayhe said...

I didn´t know too much about H&D until I began reading the Blackest night saga..and I became fascinated with them so much that I even drew a couple of fanarts!

I think they are a very special duo, unique. And there´s so much potential !

When I read that Sterling Gates was chosen to write the book, I was extremly happy. He did such a good job with Supergirl that I am impatient to read the book :D
I´m absolutely convinced Sterling will bring a lot of fun!

I wish him the best of luck :3

Saranga said...

I'm really happy that Sterling is doing Hawk and Dove, but I'm not too pleased about the artist. He is not to my taste. But I think I'll be buying it anyway, for Gates' input. And I love the chars or course.