Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Michael Green And Mike Johnson To Write Supergirl

While it isn't official, Bleeding Cool has posted that the new writing team for Supergirl is the tandem of Michael Green and Mike Johnson. Here is that link:

And here is the brief blurb.

I understand that the writers of the yet-to-be-announced Supergirl #1 are Michael Green and Mike Johnson, best known for their Superman/Batman work.

Green produced and wrote early episodes of Smallville and is also co-writer of the Green Lantern movie, the Heroes TV show and the creator of Kings. Johnson co-wrote for Kings, as well as the Fringe comic.

Okay, I'll admit that I was holding out hope that Bryan Q. Miller would be the writer for Supergirl. And I also know that I haven't read much of the Green/Johnson team's books. But what I have read, I have enjoyed especially from a Supergirl viewpoint.

First off, they wrote the absolutely fantastic Superman/Batman #62 (cover seen above), a World's Finest team-up of Tim Drake and Kara. Here is my review of that issue for those who don't recall:

It was a really great issue with Supergirl and Robin teaming up to stop a riot at Arkham. It also included one of my favorite panels from 2009, the above panel (which ranked #6 on my Top 10 Supergirl moments of 2009). In this flashback story, we see a brash and somewhat impulsive Supergirl who gets her first look at the ugly underbelly of the Batman Rogue's gallery.

But we also got Linda Lang! And a very nice friendship between Tim and Linda. Green and Johnson seemed to incorporate so much of what Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle were doing during their concurrent tenure on the main book in this issue and hopefully they will continue that tone.

That issue was really one of my favorite books of 2009. I can't believe it was that long ago.

I haven't heard Rafael Alburquerque's name attached to any other new DC book. If he is on Supergirl, I will be one happy fan!

They also had Supergirl play an important role in the Super-Bat story arc which ran a few months before the 'World's Finest' issue.

Here is a link to my review of Superman/Batman #56, the ending chapter of the arc:

I loved how Supergirl basically plays the voice of reason while the JLA tries to slug it out with a Kryptonian-powered Batman. She is just a sensible hero trying to end things peacefully. Also a very nice moment.

I know it is a small sample size. Three issues guest starring Kara is not the same as piloting her title. But Green and Johnson just seemed to 'get' Supergirl in those issues. So I am optimistic to see what they have in store (assuming the rumor is right).

I hope they do an interview somewhere (like Gates did before his run) explaining what they are hoping for the character.


Anonymous said...

Their Supergirl credentials sound promising, but I'm still on the fence with all of this.


Anonymous said...

Bleeding Cool has been batting 1000, so they´re very much inside the empty brain of dannie Didio, /& Johnns´)
And so, whether or not we like it, (& I absolutely love it!) come September we´re gonna get:
"Kara Zor-EL is 14-15 years old, and ah is Kal-EL´s Cousin from Krypton. She has just arrived on Earth months ago, and wears cute diapers over her legs, and has been Adopted by Fred & Edna Danvers, bla bla.-"
Me? I love it 100%!

Anonymous said...

Batting 1000? Do they get do-over for the blown at bat with the Brian Wood strike-out?

Anonymous said...

At least since monday.- we got another source of "didio´s wisdom" over in the internet now, when we need it...

Martin Gray said...

Ah, thanks Anj. I forgot they wrote that brilliant Arkham issue. Feeling optimistic now.

And I'm pleased to hear someone at DC (Janelle Asselin, via Gail Simone) has refuted the 'women in pants' alleged edict.

Anonymous said...

I liked this issue, but I thought that SG looked a little shook and unheroic in the end, jobbed out to some mook in the Bat-Ghod's rogue's gallery so to speak.

We must never forget, ALL DCU books must make the Batghod and his Holy Franchise Look matter what the cost to individual characters.
Dunno which way I'm gonna jump on this one, a lot depends on what the reboot holds for SG.

John Feer

Michelle said...

This is encouraging news. I never did read S/B #62 - looks like a good time to do so.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments everyone.

Still a rumor so we have to wait and see. Plus no idea about artist or costume.

valerie21601 said...

No matter what happens with Supergirl's series, the character or her uniform. I will still love Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) the character even if her stories get so bad that I drop her series.

Once the new Supergirl creative team is officially announced by DC Comics, half of my own personally made agony will go away.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good team...but I'm not getting my hopes up until the creative team's announced by DC. -ealperin

Saranga said...

Thanks for clarifying what issues they've done before! I'm not at all sure about the solicit blurb, but at least the series isn't getting dropped, and at least the writers are good.