Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Supergirl #61 Cover Change - Editted

Supergirl #61 comes out tomorrow and the solicited cover is seen above.

I think this is a fresh composition for a comic. The title name is in the middle of the cover rather than at the top, bisecting it. The top portion shows Supergirl using her heat vision on Clayface. The bottom panel shows Damien punching Mr. Freeze. It has the flavor of a Silver Age team-up book, especially with the oversized sound effects.

But this wasn't the originally solicited cover.

Back when the February solicits were first released in November, this was the solicited cover. This has a completely different feel to it. I like how the heroes here seem to be streaking towards a threat. And, of course, this cover has Batgirl in it. Boy, Reeder does a great Steph!

So why the change? Could it be that the story has changed now that James Peaty is acting solo? Maybe Nick Spencer's initial plot had Batgirl in it and Peaty's doesn't?  I can't think of anything else. Certainly this is a beautiful cover too. I'll be honest, I was hoping to see Batgirl in this issue/storyline. The prior Supergirl/Batgirl stories have all been great.

I have loved Reeder's covers so far. I would love to see her process in cover creation, from thumbnail to pencils, to finished work. I loved when Josh Middleton would do that on his blog.

Edit- I tweeted Amy Reeder about this yesterday. Just checked and got this response from her.

@dranj70 Yeah, basically the story was tweaked and didn't have Batgirl in it any longer! So I made a new cover.

So question answered. Thanks to Amy Reeder for the response!

I still would love to know what happened to the original art of the other cover.


Gene said...

No Batgirl? Darn... :(
Hopefully the original cover will be included (with a short explanation) in the trade paperback that will collect Supergirl #61.

The new cover does look cool!

Anonymous said...

Supergirl # 61 preview!:


Anonymous said...

Maybe Robin the Boy Blunder, "tests" better as a guest star on the cover than Batgirl.

You know how the Batgod's franchise rolls...The Men Hog the Limelight.

Cuz that is what sells...

John Feer

Gear said...

John, I know what you’re saying, but I never got the impression that Damien was a big draw, in fact I thought he wasn’t very popular. Too bad about the lack of Batgirl though, I really enjoyed the by-play between Kara and Stephanie and was looking forward to it. Steph/Kara is funny, Damien/Kara is snarky. Well, Damien/anyone is snarky. It'll still be fun.

But I’m still looking forward to picking it up tomorrow. Yay, it’s Supergirl week!

I hope the positioning of the title in the middle of the page doesn’t make it hard to find on the shelves or in the long-boxes for back issues. Most shelving in the stores is designed to keep the books upright, and provides support and saves space by covering the lower half to two-thirds of the book, with the upper section exposed. It’s pretty good looking, but may be a bit impractical from a marketing perspective.

Gene said...

I'm disappointed that we won't get another Batgirl/Supergirl team up, but a Supergirl/Damien team up will be entertaining.

I just that Amy Reeder's unused Batgirl/Supergirl/Robin cover will be included in the back of the trade that will collect Supergirl #61.