Monday, February 21, 2011

Poll: What New Title Should I Formally Review Here?

With the announcement that R.E.B.E.L.S. is going to end in May, I realized that there would be a hole in my monthly blog routine for a non-Super comic to review. R.E.B.E.L.S. was a guilty pleasure and while it didn't really fit into the theme of this place, I liked stretching my legs a bit into the rest of the DCU.

When the end of R.E.B.E.L.S. was announced, I posed the question of which book I should start reviewing here on a monthly basis and got some interesting suggestions, all of which were already on my pull list. But I thought it would be fun to run a quick poll to see which title should be added to Comic Box Commentary's monthly review. So here are the suggestions with some of my thoughts. I hope people will be interested enough to vote.

1) Batgirl - I was so taken in by Batgirl #8 and Batgirl #14 (both bought because of Supergirl appearances) that I quickly went out and scooped up all the back issues I could find and added the book to my subscription. It is a sneaky good book ... always loads of fun. Steph is a very likable character and she is working hard to be part of the Bat-family while being herself as well.

The one thing is I know nothing ... I mean nothing ... about her time as Robin, Spoiler, the events around her 'death', etc. So I won't have the historical background I do with Supergirl.

Still, I love the book.

2) Birds of Prey - Another fun book, albeit in a very different vein than Batgirl. Gail Simone has such a handle with these characters and writes them as three-dimensional fully formed people. I have always been a Huntress fan, but I became a Black Canary and Oracle fan because of Simone. I also like Hawk and Dove a lot (I would love a H&D solo series) and Lady Blackhawk is a hoot month in month out.

I collected Simone's original run of BoP and this new title, but little else of the book. I think I have a pretty good handle on these characters. It is a bit of a darker book than I am used to reviewing which might mix things up nicely.

3) Legion of Super-Heroes - Well, I have been reading Legion books for almost as long as I have been reading. Some of my earliest memories of comics are the Grell issues of Legion (I suppose that dates me somewhat). They are one of my favorite concepts in comics, although some reboots have been rougher than others. I know I am in the minority that liked the '5 years later' run. I didn't get any of the DnA books. I liked the Waid/Kitson books and not just because Supergirl was in it. So I have enough background with the book (especially here with Levitz picking up where he left off those many years ago), that I would feel fine reviewing the book.

I have talked about featuring Legion here in the past but never got around to doing it. Is now the right time?

4) Zatanna - You can't beat the current creative team of Dini and Igle. The issues I have read of the title have been solid. It would be a fresh book for me to review as I have a working knowledge of Zatanna but nothing in depth.

5) Sterling Gates' Top Secret project - When will it be announced? What will it be? One thing I do know, Gates has won me as a fan so I will be buying the title. But should it be reviewed here?

6) Other - Of course, these were the only suggestions I got. Maybe there is something I'm not even thinking about.If you vote other, let me know which title you are thinking of.

Anyways, I thought it might be fun to open the floor for a vote. Vote early ... vote often!


Saranga said...

I vote for Batgirl. If you feel you need more background info on Steph you can try the Steph wiki:

I've also written quite a bit about her on pai - look for the Spoiler or Steph brown tags. Not sure offhand which ones I used.

Anonymous said...

Birds of Prey or Batgirl for me. I've got both of this month's issues. and they're a hoot!-ealperin

MOCK! said...


stuorstew said...

Legion or Batgirl

Dave M said...

This being a Supergirl/Family blog I would go with either LSH or Teen Titans.

Legion of Superheroes is one of the finest books on the market right now.

Teen Titans has Conner in it and a nice subset of up & coming characters from across the DCU.

Gene said...

I voted for Batgirl too because its a satisfying read.

BTW, how about a poll where we all guess Sterling Gates' next project? It would be interesting to see what people think he will work on next.

Anonymous said...

That would sound great, Gene!

I'm voting for him popping into something not well known or has a lack of sales or something.-ealperin

Diabolu Frank said...

Anything but Batgirl, which is of course in the lead by a large margin. Stephie < Babs.

Anonymous said...

Batgirl or the Birds. Batgirl ties more into Supergirl... but either or. I've been picking up Batgirl since #12, got the back-issues 8-11, and then ordered the first collected edition to get the rest. I love it. I did have to get the collected edition from across the pond though, even with shipping it was cheaper to get it shipped across the Atlantic than buy a new copy in the States for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Batgirl is part of the BatGhod's Franchise, he has enough reviewers and apologists and fans. Zatanna intrigues on account of Paul Dini (who co-resurrected Supergirl from the very ashes)...But I stand by my vote for Birds of Prey. "More Bang for the BoP",

John Feer

Adam Smasher said...

While I loved her first run with the Birds, I've actually been a bit underwhelmed with Simone's current run.

Batgirl I love, it's one of my favorites each month and wouldn't mind hearing your opinions on it.

But... I think I'll vote Zantana - I did drop the book a while back because it was kind of "m'eh" - but am planning to grab it when Igle takes over and would be interesting in reading your thoughts on the book.

Kandou Erik said...

You should review the Legion. More people need to be made aware of the book. We don't want to suffer through a 4th-reboot, especially after we FINALLY got back our beloved original Legion (a little different, though they may be)

Martin Gray said...

Batgirl is consistently good, so I'm not voting for that. As Adam suggests, BoP provides a bumpier ride. That would make for more interesting reviews. Lord knows, I'm a big BoP booster, but there are occasional plot points which bemuse me, and you're very good with story analysis, Anj. I'd like your take.

Besides, I want someone else campaigning against those unreadable green narrative boxes given to Oracle!

Anj said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and votes so far.

Lots of good food for thought here.

I don't know if I could run a poll about Sterling Gates 'secret project' because I wouldn;t know what to have people vote on. But maybe a post where people can guess what they think he should be doing.

Ayhe said...

I agree with Johnn Feer:
" Batgirl is part of the BatGhod's Franchise, he has enough reviewers and apologists and fans. Zatanna intrigues on account of Paul Dini (who co-resurrected Supergirl from the very ashes)...But I stand by my vote for Birds of Prey. "More Bang for the BoP",

While I love Batgirl, my vote goes for the Birds of Prey :)

Anonymous said...