Monday, November 22, 2010

1976 Pepsi Supergirl Glass

I went to the Boston Super Megafest yesterday. The Megafest is a sort of 'pop culture' convention with a number of celebrities present for autographs and dealers peddling some wares. Going to this convention has become something of a tradition with my brothers, one of whom is a huge Star Wars fan. It was at last years Megafest that I got the 'Supergirl as an Indigo Lantern' commission from Ethan Van Sciver seen here.

The celebrities are usually of a sci-fi bent. The headliners yesterday included Christopher Lloyd, Marina (Conselor Troi) Sirtis, and Peter (Chewbacca) Mayhew. But there were musicians, wrestlers, etc. as well.

Comic books are a very small part of this thing. The dealers are usually selling toys, records, posters, and props. I don't usually drop a lot of money at this thing.

But yesterday I did make a small purchase which made me very happy. One of the things I have been looking to add to my Supergirl collecton was the Pepsi Tumbler, a promotional item from 1976. I have seen it many times on EBay but never in person.

So as I was looking over the wares available (including some tempting big items - a Raiders head piece of the staff of Ra, a near perfect replica of the Maltese Falcon), I noticed the Supergirl glass. And it was pretty cheap too! There are some manufacturing flubs on it (the blue paint is noted on the hands) but is otherwise in great condition, nice and glossy.

There isn't too much out there with Supergirl in the 'hot pants' uniform so I am pretty pumped to add this to the collection.

An updated overall post about my collection will probably happen after the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Just heard in the morining on 1010 wins that those things contain a high trace of lead or cadmium...or something along those lines.-ealperin

Anonymous said...

I miss the old red running shorts & puffy sleeved blouse.
Y'know when the Girl of Steel was a grown up adult woman.


John Feer