Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Post From Sterling Gates

Yesterday, Sterling Gates left the following comment on the Supergirl #58 review post from earlier in the week. It was too fantastic to leave just tucked away in there. I wanted to make sure that everyone who comes to this blog read it. Here it is:

Thanks for the kind review, Anj, and thank you all for your comments.

I've been extremely flattered by your support the last two years, and I really appreciate all of you, the Supergirl fan base.

I'm very happy and proud of the note Jamal and I are going out on, and it's a note which really shows how Kara and Cat have grown the last couple years. I can't wait for all of you to read it next month.

On a day of giving thanks, I just wanted to express my thanks for your support.

Thank you.

As long as Supergirl has fans as passionate and as vocal as all of you, she'll continue to soar and thrive.

And that's all that we can ask for Kara, isn't it? :)

Thanks again,

Well, I think we owe you and Jamal some thanks as well for bringing us this Supergirl, one we could be proud of when we said we were fans. I think the Supergirl fanbase is a passionate group and we occasionally can bicker amongst ourselves. But our love of the character is always present.

And thank you for coming here and posting as often as you did. It was fantastic to know that you cared enough about the fanbase to reach out like you did. I am sure you made lifelong fans here.

I can't wait to read your last issue. I am sure it will be a fitting capstone for such a phenomenal run. And I look forward to seeing what you are working on next.


Yota said...

It made me go "Awwwww."

That's so sweet/cool of him!

Well, ditto on Anj's sentiments, Sterling!

Anonymous said...

He's an amazing guy. Thank you Sterling, for making Kara sound normal for once!-ealperin

Gene said...

Cheers Sterling for what you and Jamal have done for Supergirl. We'll miss both you guys. Can't wait to see what you will be working on next.

Anonymous said...

Sterling, thanks for all the great work, you and Jamal moved this title to the top of my read pile and made it something I look forward to every month.

Like many others I'll be watching closely for your next project.

Jason said...

That is just awesome!! Sterling and Jamal rock!!

lee said...

What a classy guy to do this.

Thanks Mr Gates and Mr Igle for the great stories over the last (too) few years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this was (after a very very long wait) a true Golden Age for Supergirl. All thanks to Messrs Gates & Igle.

Many thanks

John Feer