Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Supergirl Figure For The Shrine

After talking about the upcoming Supergirl action figure shown at the SDCC, I figured I would post about a new Supergirl action figure that recently hit the market which I bought.

Part of the DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Series 1, this is the classic Earth-1 Supergirl in her 1980's headband costume.

I initially didn't like that version of Kara's costume but for some reason over time I have softened on it. Yes she kind of looks like an aerobics instructor but at least it is a blue shirt/red skirt.

As for the action figure itself, it is very nice. For a small figure meant to fit in your hand, it has a pretty detailed face and hair. While there is articulation at the torso and knees, the arms only move at the shoulder.

For me the biggest downside was that the left leg on my figure is somewhat askew in comparison to the right. As a result, both feet do not sit flat on the shelf making balance for display an issue.

I recently had to move the shrine from a 4 shelf corner cabinet to 3 shelves on my entertainment center. The 1:6 deluxe collector's figure, Barbie Supergirl, and Action #252 statue were just too big for the original cabinet. As a result, the shrine is somewhat in flux. I suppose at some point I will be happy with the total display and will post complete photos. Maybe after the Terry Dodson bust comes out in August.

This new figure found a place near the other 'headband' items: the Ertl diecast figure and DC Direct Crisis figure.


TalOs said...

She looks so pretty, I just wish her torso wasn't so weirdly put together and that they gave her her proper sized cape rather then that 'capete', heh.

Question: does she have blue eyes or are they just black dots instead there Anj? :/

Gene said...

I just checked my figure Talos and she has blue eyes.

I have seen this figure at a few local Walmarts. A friend of mine told me that this Supergirl figure looks like it literally flew right off the pages of COIE. Mattel captured Perez's likeness of Supergirl precisely.

Now if they will only do a Movie Masters Supergirl...

Landry Walker said...

I'm looking forward to tracking down that figure. I collect that line and I prefer the sculpt on the face of that Supergirl dramatically over the version they previously released.

Saranga said...

Good collection you got there! Can I ask what the one in the current costume is? I like the look of her face.

Anj said...

Good collection you got there! Can I ask what the one in the current costume is? I like the look of her face.

That was a DCDirect figure from the first Supergirl Superman/Batman storyline.

Ther is another current costume figure based on Ed McGuinnes art on Superman/Batman that I like even more.

Nikki said...

I love the tiny one that is as big as streaky, its a silver age story in the making