Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cosmic Adventures Production Art: Zor-El

I hope people aren't getting sick of the concept art around Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures because I'm not.

The latest post reviews designs for Superman and Zor-El ( ).

It is clear that Landry Walker and Eric Jones had enough material for more than 6 issues. And lucky for us Walker is sharing some of the 'what might have beens'. Included in this post is a deleted scene showing the ceremony where the rocket to Earth is launched.

The whole scene reads pretty cool with a Zor-El clearly an inspirational leader. Here is a snippet.


ZOR-EL: “Our cousin Superman thinks he’s alone, the last of his kind. Though the dimensional barrier limits us to receiving these broadcasts only, our scientists have devised a one-time method to send material through the rift.”

ZOR-EL: “And so, we have prepared this rocket…”

Focus on the rocket. The crowds are enthusiastic. In formation, the Supergirls twirl their batons.

ZOR-EL: “…our message to Superman!”
I wish we could have seen this if only to see all of Kara's friends in their Superman majorette outfits.

One thing hinted at in the series was how revered Superman was to the people of Argo. Zor-El's dialogue echoes that. Of course, it is that viewpoint that probably makes Kal such a potentially scary figure for Kara. She doesn't want to disappoint her cousin who is the ultimate national hero in quasi-space.

If a sequel happens, I hope some more of the Supergirl/Superman relationship gets explored. Of course, given Walker and Jones commitment to Brave and Bold a sequel is not likely coming any time soon even if DC green-lighted it.

I am sure a Kara production art post is sure to come. I'll post it when it happens.


TalOs said...

WOW! Man i'm just in absolute awe of what Landry came up with and had intended on using for his masterpiece here! BD

Anonymous said...

Yeah this was a heartbreakin' missed opportunity as far as an ongoing series is concerned. The whole "Heart of Gold Kryptonite" notion alone was preemo in extremis. Maybe DC will come to its senses..Or maybe Paul Dini can pitch another Supergirl animated series alone these lines. All we can do is hope and agitate...(politely).

John Feer

Gene said...

Anybody going, or know anybody going to the Comic Con in San Diego later this month? Can anyone ask DC personally if Cosmic Adventures will continue?