Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DC Nation at the Emerald City ComiCon

While I was schmoozing at the Boston Comic-Con, there was plenty of news breaking in Seattle at the Emerald City ComiCon.

The news from the DC Nation panel is reviewed over on Comic Book Resources. Here is the link: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=20692 .

As always, the whole article is worth reading as it covers all sorts of topics I find interesting: Jonah Hex, Blackest Night, Secret Six. But here are the Super-centric bits.

First, Greg Rucka about Action Comics.

Rucka also teased fans about his upcoming “Superman: World of New Krypton” #4, saying that the book would include some guests with glowing green rings. He then quickly moved on to “Action Comics” and talked about all the trouble the character Ursa is causing in that book. “There is something really vindicating about writing Ursa throwing other Kryptonians around like they are made of tissue paper,” Rucka laughed.

The page also shows 6 preview pages from Action Comics #876 (which had also been shown on the DC site's new blog). I get the sense I am really going to enjoy reading this book. Ursa just seems like so much fun to write. She is ruthless. In the preview pages we see her throwing Thara around and even brutally kick her son in the face.

I think Thara and Chris are really going to have their hands full.

Then Jimmy Palmiotti on Wednesday Comics.

Palmiotti also let everyone know that he and Connor will be producing a “Wednesday Comics” story about “Supergirl with a couple of little furry friends.” “Wednesday Comics” is the oversized weekly anthology that will follow the weekly “Trinity” when it concludes later this year. As for the “furry friends,” panel members and attendees laughed and were curious if the phrase was some kind of double entendre. Palmiotti assured them all that his and Connor’s story featured “no donkey sex.”

Now this does sound interesting. "Furry friends"? Could Palmiotti and Connor be continuing the resurgence of Streaky? Could there be one of the old-fashioned Krypto and Streaky throwdowns? Check out this print Connor did of Kara and the Super-Pets! Who wouldn't want to read that story?

Certainly the inclusion of 'furry friends' already makes me think this will be a good Supergirl story to read. Oh ... and the 'no donkey sex' is also a good thing.

And then Rucka on World of New Krypton.

The next attendee had a more typical question and asked Rucka why the Green Lanterns would be sent to New Krypton in issue #4 of his “World of New Krypton” series. Rucka played out the way the Guardians of OA might react to a new planet full of people with the powers of Superman. Essentially, they’d yell, “JORDAN!…and bring back-up.”

Next it was asked if the “World of New Krypton” would intersect in any way with the “Blackest Night” event. Rucka’s only response to this was to say that “Superman’s on Earth in August.”

Of course it makes sense for the Guardians to be concerned about how new Krypton will impact the order of the universe. So I think this will be an interesting story to read, especially given all the other problems the Oans currently are dealing with.

But potentially more Streaky? And drawn by Amanda Connor! Sounds good to me!


Anonymous said...

I would pay good money for a sequence where Supergirl plays fetch with Krypto with a steel building girder....

John Feer

Gene said...

I wonder if Ms. Connor will use that costume for Wednesday Comics?

Love the idea of the steel girder John.

TalOs said...

Same here come the last bit suggested. ;) As per the costume Amanda should use I'm strongly for a more updated take on the iconic 84 Supergirl movie's own myself. :D (Oh and please don't depict Supergirl's cape being a 'capette', man I hate it when an artists do that).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Talos... unless conner can have her with no cape....

a la this guy who did the Superman costume re-do contest on project rooftop:



TalOs said...

Mmm, all due respect to the artist I'm not particularly liking that drastic overhaul look come Supergirl there. :/

Anonymous said...

K... just an opinion...