Thursday, June 25, 2020

Front Line Providers By Jesus Merino

We live in frightening a dninteresting times.
The world is in the middle of a pandemic.

One off-shoot of the pandemic has been the massive explosion of images of super-heroes in the mainstream, specifically front line workers being super-heroes along with our spandex clad favorites. From a physician answering a 'med signal' while Batman looks on to Superman handing his cape to delivery people and grocery store workers, the message is clear that in our real world, the people keeping the world running in the pandemic are heroes. I am sure you all have seen them.

Far and away, my favorite one has been this one by Jesus Merino. For one, this medical worker holding the heroes back with a sort of defiant 'I got this' look on her face is pitch perfect.

But more importantly, I love how prominently Supergirl is featured in this image. I mean she has a big a presence as Superman and Wonder Woman. Heck, Batman is sort of a floating head. I also love how she is sort of flying/floating. And she also has a determined look on her face.

Bring it on COVID!

I wonder if Kara is a favorite of Merino.

We have seen Merino's take on Supergirl back in Wonder Woman #48:

I wouldn't mind seeing him do more issues with her. He has a nice take on the Girl of Steel.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

Usually, in group shots like this, Supergirl is either absent or so far in the back as to be barely noticeable-so it's nice to see her front and center here. I wonder if Merino was told something like "Get the big three in there, and then draw whomever you want".

Maybe it was his idea to use Kara in Wonder Woman 48.

By the way, Artgerm has a new (partial) drawing of Supergirl posted on his Instagram and Twitter pages, with the hashtag "deathmetal". I assume it will be for a variant cover.

Anonymous said...

she is scowling because she is determined, not angry. There is a difference I wish DC understood that.