Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ben Dunn Commission

I thought I had posted all my Supergirl commissions on this site!

But I have recently moved and just got around to looking at my older commissions, back in the day when I had them done outside a sketch book and framed them for hanging.

Looking through the frames, I ran across this sketch by Ben Dunn (of Warrior Nun Areala fame) which I had commissioned way way back in 2007, a time when I wasn't even blogging.

I can remember that I had sent Dunn source material so he knew my preferred costume and I think all I asked for was an 'action shot' since all my commissions up to that point were either head shots or sort of static images.

He certainly delivered with this anime style shot of Supergirl slugging it out with a rather odd cyborg. The villain certainly has a 'Metallo from Superman:The Animated Series' vibe to him.

This is a wonderful piece with Supergirl in a good flying pose and also leading with her left hand, something she does for the most part in comics. I do like the dynamic feel Dunn brings here with the ruffling skirt and the bits flying off the cyborg's face.

A hidden treasure! Truly hidden! And overdue for showcasing here on the blog, especially in a year where I probably won't be going to any conventions and won't get any new sketches for some time!

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Rubal said...

Beautiful & Amazing