Monday, June 29, 2020

Flash Facts

As a kid, I used to love in Flash comics when the writer would drop in a Flash Fact, some scientific tidbit that helped explain why the Flash was able to do what he was doing. It often involved the color of the light spectrum and infra-red vs ultraviolet. But it could also be physics equations (Force equals mass times acceleration) or astronomy lessons (strength of gravity on other planets).  From Gardner Fox reprints to Cary Bates to even Grant Morrison in JLA, Flash Facts were and are appreciated

Whatever the Flash fact, as a kid, I would find a way to drop it into conversation with my dad (a science teacher) as a way to prove that comics were, indeed, a worthwhile hobby. (I would do the same with any big vocabulary word that I learned as well.)

So imagine my surprise to learn that DC is doing a while book of Flash Facts for the all ages group. Here is a link from CBR:

The Mayim Bialik link seems to be more a way to get some mainstream buzz.

But putting the DC Superheroes into kids' hands is always a great idea.

Throw in the fact that Supergirl is going to be in there and I am very happy.

Nothing I like more to see than a smiling scientist Supergirl cruising around and learning. That is Kara!

Here is a blurb from the article. But I think I will be getting this to give to some younger relatives as gifts!

Under Bialik’s oversight, the short stories demonstrating various S.T.E.M. principles will star Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more DC Super Heroes and will be written and drawn by some of the most popular writers and artists in middle grade and comics publishing, including New York Timesbestselling author Michael Northrop (TombQuest, Dear Justice League), Dustin Hansen (Microsaurs, My Video Game Ate My Homework), Cecil Castellucci (Batgirl), Kirk Scroggs (Snoop Troop, The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid), Corinna Bechko, Sholly Fisch, Amanda Deibert, Vita Ayala, Amy Chu, and more to be announced.

Also, have to admit, that is a very impressive list of creators!


Martin Gray said...

This really looks set to be a wonderful book! Just one more reason to look forward to next year.

John (somewhere in England) said...

This looks like something worth buying. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the publication of Supergirl: An Origin Story by Steve Brezenoff on 1 August (advertised on Amazon).

Anj said...

Thanks for tip John!

Ordered that Origin Story !

Professor Feetlebaum said...

There was a lot of good (and fun) information on those old "Flash Facts" pages. I remember a companion page titled "Science says you're wrong if you believe that..."

If you're looking for something Supergirl related for very young readers there's "Supergirl Takes Off!", published by Random House under their Step Into Reading imprint. The book is written by Courtney Carbone with art by Erik Doescher, and is for children preschool to first grade. Streaky makes an appearance, and there are 2 pages of sparkly stickers in the back. Kara is wearing her New 52 costume, but don't worry! She and Superman get along fine. I've seen Step Into Reading books at Target and Barnes and Noble, and also on Amazon.

H said...

Saw it for pre-order on Amazon a few days ago- the cover they have up there isn't nearly as bright and appealing though (probably just a placeholder). Anyway, here it is, if anyone's interested: