Friday, May 8, 2020

Mystery Solved: Nightwing And Flamebird Promo Page

Today I finally wrap up my look at the Candor arc in the early days of Supergirl's solo title from 2005.

Back in my first post about the arc, I posted a splash page from within the trade collection of Supergirl and Power Girl in their Flamebird and Nightwing armor.

I wasn't sure where it came from.

The answer was provided by commenter Rober Todd Bruce who pointed me to Superman/Batman #27. As a big Huntress fan and a Power Girl fan I actually had the issue in my collection, signed no less by cover artist Ethan Van Sciver (a long time ago ... before things were known) and inside artist Kevin Maguire!

I had completely forgotten that the page came in here.

Read on!

The story is a fun one, set on Earth 2, in which Superman and Batman's minds are put within the bodies of Power Girl and Huntress. There ends up being quite a skirmish with the UltraHumanite, Solomon Grundy, and others.

In the end, Power Girl wakes up and says she just had the weirdest dream. (Indeed it would be weird as Earth 2 hadn't been around for a while.)

But we hear how Karen needs to get up and get ready to patrol.

And then we have the splash I posted from the trade.

I guess that means this 'first appearance' was done by Kevin Maguire!

I will again say that I find these armors pretty fun. I have the action figure of Flamebird.

And finally, we can put Candor behind us! Thanks again for Robert for the assist!


Martin Gray said...

Well done Robert. And goodbye Candor, don’t let the stopper catch you on the way out.

Anonymous said...


So you’re showing Candor to the can’t door?

A fan

Martin Gray said...

Ha, I see what you did there!

Anonymous said...

Well, the mystery has been solved and now we can start forgetting about "Candor" again.

By the way, I've been reading the Superman Family issues where Linda is playing "Margo Hatton" in "Secret Hearts", but the new head-writers come to the conclusion that Linda Danvers' character is boring and must be turned into a "witch-type" "bad girl".

That scene is really harsher in hindsight.

Bostondreams said...

So Earth-2 Batman and Superman's minds got put into the bodies of, essentially, their daughters (literal in Batman's case)?

That is...disturbing. Especially the way they appear on the cover. :P

Robert Todd Bruce said...

Oh, hey! You are quite welcome! Love the reviews (and hated this particular story-arc's take on Supergirl)!

Anonymous said...

Interesting story. I own the early Superman/Batman run, but only occasional issues from the rest of the line.

The Candor storyline might have made more sense if it turned out to be a dream of Power Girl's, rather than this story being a dream of Power Girl's while on Kandor.

Is there a way to read this dream of hers as an anxiety dream related to what they're doing in Kandor?

Both Superman/Batman and the Candor stories were edited by Schaefer and Berganza.


Anonymous said...

Just a depressing note that has nothing to do with this topic, and I don't what inference should be drawn:

The only titles originally scheduled for April that don't appear on DC's new on-sale for May or June are:

Gen Lock
Dollar Comics
Some facsimiles, I think.

Gen Lock and RWBY are digital first.

Supergirl is the only regular monthly that remains off the schedule.

MAYBE they are taking the time to do a better job on the final issues.

Or maybe it's a mistake that will be corrected. Diamond and Bleeding Cool show two titles for June that Newsarama and CBR don't: The Question, and Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, both Black Label books. But no list shows Supergirl back on the schedule.

Maybe someone has more information than I do.

I hope they don't pull what Marvel is doing and end the series "digital-only." Marvel is doing that for some series that have just 2 issues left in their runs! Few if any buyers of those titles are are happy with that.

My opinion is the food is terrible and yet the portions are too small. I'd like to own the full Supergirl Rebirth run, for better or for worse at this point.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say until I saw your pic I was thinking Comic Book Men Rob Bruce?

Anonymous said...

Amazon has the digital version of Supergirl #41 listed for June 3rd. I'm fine with digital. I wouldn't submit myself to the risks of a small comic shop for an issue of a run I consider the worst in Supergirl's history. I don't see this run getting any honorable conclusion in 2 issues that will satisfyingly end this anyway. I will get the digital to see what Houser could have done unbound by infection, but I will consider my physical run complete without the infection arc. It is something I will happily pretend never existed when I reread my physical comics in 10 years.