Tuesday, May 12, 2020

March Sales Review

March 2020 comic sales will definitely be an interesting month to look at as we move forward. This month was just on the cusp of the COVID pandemic, the shuttering of comic stores, and the beginning of social distancing.

As always, ICv2 does a great job of looking at sales. Here is a link:

But this month was also fascinating for me because it again shows how dark Supergirl stories, stories where she is the villain in her own book, never sell and are never successful.

And we are at the bottom of the barrel.

Because March Supergirl #40 on the shelves.

You know, that story.

Kara is infected by the Batman Who Laughs, fights Wonder Woman, terrorizes Smallville.
At least she tries to burn this away ... but only after (once again) Krypto stops her from doing something heinous.

Also, to add one more layer to this rough story, the book was known to be cancelled.

So how do you think it sold?

The slow decline in Supergirl sales since the book was rolled into the post Man of Steel continuity continued.

The overall sales for Supergirl #40 between both covers showed 17895 units ordered.

It still pains me that this character, treated so well in the Superman-centric books, at a time when her popular culture presence is at its highest, is still being mishandled at DC Comics.

Comics as a whole were down in March as well.

The Superman books remain strong selling well above 30K when you add in the covers. I do wish they were selling higher.

Let's hope that comics get back on the shelves as soon as safely possible.


Anonymous said...

Its a testing time for Supergirl fans, no other words for it, we've no idea when and how the feature will resume publication, the show is on hiatus (renewed but under the present pandemic who knows when production will resume?)...and her current book isn't ending, its dying.
And to top it all off, Marty Pasko died!!
This is why I say repeatedly, I love DCU characters I hate DC the corporate entity.

Stay Safe Everyone


Anonymous said...

Yes, DC has been doing Kara dirty the last year.

Nothing her on 60 year celebration.
Her comic sent to die with the grimdark infected edgelord garbage fire and events that stole her time but gave her nothing to do.
Now rumors of dceu shelving her for yet another Superman movie.

Such a far fall from a few years ago when we had a great rebirth run, a really really good adaption in DCSHG and GCG and Injustice and Being Super and Scooby Doo. Also her show was amazing.

I miss a few years ago.

I agree with the poster above. Over the years DC has put out some great characters and a great universe, but DC as a company is very problematic. Its a business that at the core is run by men for men with a huge weight on promoting male heroes. Sometimes it tries to change but it inevitably falls back into the same bad habits long before reaching true diversity.

CW is the only part of the DC brand that seems to be genuine in its efforts. WB and DC Comics have a lot to learn from that part of their company.

KET said...

"Now rumors of dceu shelving her for yet another Superman movie."

Well, I wouldn't even worry about this one, as that item was unsubstantiated click-bait from the usual unreliable sources. Seems like the rumormongers were desperately trying to lure Henry Cavill fans into believing in some sort of '2nd coming', even though he's still under contract for The Witcher.

"I love DCU characters I hate DC the corporate entity."

Still a trademark fiefdom. It is what it is.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

"...DC as a company is very problematic. It's a business that at the core is run by men for men with a huge weight on promoting male heroes."

Okay, but remember, it was during Jenette Kahn's time that Kara Zor-El died, Barbara Gordon was shot, and Kyle Raynor's girlfriend was "fridged".

In one way, I'm glad that Supergirl #40 (and the preceding issues) sold poorly. Because I don't want Dark Evil Supergirl to be a big seller. Trouble is, DC doesn't know what else to do with her. It would be nice if there was someone at DC with some authority to champion the character, but sadly, there doesn't seem to be anyone.