Thursday, June 6, 2019

Leviathan Theory - Superman Leviathan Rising #1

I honestly hope that I am not driving people away as I continue to point out my  Leviathan Theory and all the clues that I see to try and bolster it.

But I can't help myself.

A comic mystery, a true comic mystery, will always grab my attention. And this is the first real mystery in comics, at least for me, in a long time. Maybe it is better to say that this is the first comic mystery that I have cared about in a long time. Yes, I am looking at you Heroes in Crisis.

Superman Leviathan Rising #1 came out a couple of weeks ago and I reviewed the book. But there were clues there, clues to make me think that maybe I am right.

Briefly, my thoughts are that Leviathan is Ted Kord. I believe Leviathan as an organization is led by the Charlton heroes, specifically Captain Atom and Nightshade. And I base a lot of this on the 'Watchmen' like feel to much of Leviathan's gear and attacks. And since the Watchmen characters were based on the Charlton folks I think this is art imitating art imitating art.

So, on to the clues.

At the end of the issue, Leviathan and Talia escape the Justice League by slipping into his airship which seems to have electric blue energy teleportation powers.

Now I can go into why 'electric blue energy which can teleport' screams Dr. Manhattan which then should remind people of Captain Atom.

But instead let's just focus on the ship itself.

This isn't a sleek looking jet.
This isn't some futuristic cruiser.

It's a sort of bulbous looking, almost zeppelin-appearing ship, complete with the fish-like fins.

So what did this remind me of?

It reminded me of the Archie, the owlship.
And it reminded me of the Bug, Blue Beetle's ship.

You have to agree that those designs are more similar to the Leviathan ship than let's say the JLA javelin, the Bat-jet, or a Legion cruiser.

That look can't be random.

As for the 'flippers', I think that rolls into the 'giant sea creature' meaning of Leviathan. Remember the explosions look like giant jellyfish. And the end game in Watchmen was the giant squid.

But wait, there's more.

Later in the book, Leviathan himself shows up to release Clark from the Kryptonite girdle he was placed in. Leviathan then cuffs Clark to keep him semi-helpless.

Look at these cuffs.

You cannot tell me that those don't scream Nite Owl gear. Round owl eyes. Middle section looking suspiciously beak-like.  Look at them.

And think about how that screams Nite Owl.

That design cannot be random. It is too specific.

Now one thing I am still mulling over is the tiny glimpse of Leviathan's costume beneath the red cloak.

We see a little bit of blue, a little bit of red. That doesn't look like a Blue Beetle costume.

Could it be Captain Atom himself?
Could it be The Atom, Ray Palmer ( a back-up theory)?

Anyways, this is my theory and I am anchored on it.

What do you think?
And who do you think Leviathan is?


Martin Gray said...

Best Leviathan post yet... I do believe you’re starting to win me over!

Anj said...

I love a convert!

This time, I’m right!

SimB said...

Hi Anj, has anyone suggested a revamp Manchester Black and the Elite?

Anj said...

Manchester Black is a great idea too!

Certainly he has the Elite who could be doing all the other stuff that the Leviathan lieutenants are doing.

Unknown said...

Looks like Super Nova ( i.e. Booster) under the cloak.