Thursday, June 20, 2019

Leviathan Theory - Event Leviathan #1

I have a Leviathan Theory. And I am sticking to it.

Briefly, Leviathan is Ted Kord. His lieutenants are Captain Atom and Nightshade. And all of this is because there is a very Watchmen heavy subtext to everything. And, of course, the Watchmen were based on the Charlton characters, such as Blue Beetle.

The problem is that I have anchored on this theory so even the slightest thing which I can link backwards to the Watchmen/Charlton stuff looks obvious to me. Of course, that could be the insane workings of a lunatic mind, seeing connections where there are none.

But you are here so I may as well show you all the bread crumbs that I saw in Event Leviathan #1. As usual, this will be a bit rambling as I just rattle of the vibes I have been picking up.

We'll start out with Leviathan's costume/helmet.

The banded cloak certainly is reminiscent of Nite Owls cape.

The mask itself looks like a carapace, something insect like which would go along with the Blue Beetle theme.

But I have to give blog friend RicG some props for nothing something else.

It kind of looks a little like Carapax, the indestructible villain armor created by Jarvis Kord, Ted's villainous uncle.

Okay, these are sort of soft clues.

Let's get to the meatier stuff.

One of the things that Batman immediately notices is that the Leviathan attacks are without ego.

That lack of blustery narcissism eliminates people like Luthor who always want you to know that they are the ones behind their attacks.

So someone looking to bring about a New World Order but without ego?

That certainly sounds like Ted Kord.

Even in one of his more recent appearances, he told Jaime not to call him Mr. Kord but to call him Ted.

He is one of the more grounded and laid back guys there is.

And moreover, this is a 'villain' who read the work of Dr. Strand about social justice initiatives. This is a villain who left a little tray of goodies out for her as he tried to woo her to his side.

That sounds like Ted Kord to me.

In Event Leviathan #1, Steve Trevor thinks that he has been left alive to cast  some doubt as to whether or not he is Leviathan. He wonders if General Lane was kept alive to make Lois seem guilty. His assumption is that Leviathan is keeping these key people alive to sow the seeds of doubt.

But I don't think so.

If Leviathan is Ted Kord, and if he is wanting to convince the heroes to join him rather than fight, he would want to keep the heroes' families and loved ones alive. It would be hard to convince Wonder Woman to join Leviathan if they killed Steve. It would be hard to make Superman an ally if they had killed his father-in-law.

The one thing that these characters have in common is that they are linked to heroes, people Ted would consider friends.

Still not too convincing, I know. These are inferences I am making. So let's move on.

For me, I truly believe that Bendis is inserting some clues into the dialogue of these books. It is a way to further fan the flames of themes. Statements like 'broken globe' which is just awash with Watchmen iconography.

Here Batman says that these attacks are being done to a clock.

I mean, do I really need to go into detail about how clocks and doomsday and attacks are all over Watchmen?

Even this caption is, itself, a clue to me.

This is the only caption in the entire book, the rest of the issue being the detectives poking around the site.

It doesn't say 'Earlier'. It doesn't say '7a.m.' It doesn't say  'This morning' or 'Sunrise'

It says '42 minutes ago.'

Such a specific time to be mentioned.

As soon as I read it, it reminded me of Ozymandias' famous '35 minutes ago' saying.

Of course, saying the Leviathan attack occurred 35 minutes ago is too big a clue. But somehow, even the time being a multiple of 7 (35 - 42 ) makes me think the connection is stronger.

Now remember, DC doesn't own the rights to Peter Cannon Thunderbolt (the Ozymandias' analog in Charlton). And Veidt himself is all over Doomsday Clock. So this is all just the feel of Charlton and Watchmen percolating to the surface.

I am going to post this panel again to cover the other information.

I believe the Leviathan Enforcer is Captain Atom in armor. So how could Batman's device describes the energy as one not in his catalog and somewhat otherworldly Surely Batman knows Captain Atom's energy signature.

Well, as everyone has been telling me, the Charlton Heroes were last seen together in Doomsday Clock #9, heading to Mars.

Could Captain Atom interacting with Dr. Manhattan unlock some odd new abilities? Some weird cosmic resonance?

Well, when you are anchored on a theory, you look for anything to hold it together.

From the very beginning though, the Enforcer had a Captain Atom feel to him. And the armor was enough of a Monarch-y feel to make it all right.

But look at his energy swirls, especially the one on the left hand. Almost like an atom with electon shells around the nucleus?

Perhaps a symbol that Captain Atom could respect?

And then there is the Trevor rescue.

Steve is placed in a blue energy bubble, protected from the devastation around him.

I know I have seen that before.

How about here when Doctor Manhattan, a Captain Atom analog, rescues Laurie on, ironically, Mars.

These images can't be coincidence.

Anyways, this could all be the misconstrued story beats by me.

Perhaps I am as broken as Steve Trevor, lost in so many theories he thinks he is Leviathan.

Still ... this time I'm right.


Rob S. said...

At last... the Theory post I was waiting for!

Aw, man, Carapax! That's a deep cut. But that silhouette, particularly, during the attack on the Odyssey has a similar (but not quite the same) look. Of course, a lot of bulky metal armor can look the same from a distance.

One thing I wonder about: Is Leviathan killing ANYONE? The bodies have all disappeared. Aside from the Supergirl segment of the Superman Special, we haven't seen them -- and I'm inclined to think that was some editorial miscommunication, since in the Bendis-written chapters, we're explicitly told there are no bodies to be found. I think they've been teleported, not disintegrated. And that further supports your theory -- killing lots of people is a very un-Ted thing to do.

Anj said...

Yeah, all along I have been saying that Atom either time-warps the people quantum-style or Nightshade teleports them out.

I think Leviathan is recruiting. That's what happened with Stern.

Anonymous said...

If your theory is somehow wrong, the references you have stitched together are so compelling that you should co-plot his next mystery with Bendis.

Bendis has stated, somewhere (Twitter or Instagram), that he's dropping clues, but that it won't be easy. After all, it's stumped Batman.

Not everything is being teleported - buildings lie in rubble. Did everyone, including passersby, get teleported out, except the few deliberately left behind?


Rob S. said...

Hmmm... is there a way to tie your theory to STAR Labs? Because beginning in the Man of Steel miniseries, and following into Superman, there have been references to financial improprieties and shady doings at STAR. (From what I recall, Lois even intimated the Vice President might be involved.) That thread has been dropped lately... but it could very well be it's playing out behind the scenes in the Leviathan plot. Just a hunch, but I feel like it's tied in somehow.

Anonymous said...

If DC reads this it's gonna end up being Hank Hall instead of Ted ��

Martin Gray said...

I’m really not convinced by the ‘egoless’ example in relation to that Ted and Jaime moment - to me, that’s not about ego, it’s about friendliness.

Which isn’t to say you’re not right about the big picture!

Hassan Alamdari said...

My theory is that Amanda Waller is behind everything. She is not Leviathan but she is running the show. She has multiple people pretending to be Leviathan and she is recruiting for two teams. A “Suicide Squad” team and a more public team.

Her reason for doing things is that all these spy teams were in her way and combining them all makes a strong enough force for her to do her job.

I know it’s a crazy theory but I think it’s fun

Anj said...

Great thought!
That’s what Jimmy thoughts too!