Tuesday, June 25, 2019

DC Essentials Action Figure

DC Collectibles just released their DC Essentials line, a highly articulated set of action figures that really let's you pose the figure in many different ways. Supergirl made the cut and was one of the first figures in the line.

This is a DC Rebirth costumed Supergirl and I really think it is a beautiful rendition of that costume. I am a sucker for the pleated skirt look for the 'blue shirt, red skirt' combo.

And, not that I dwell on these things, it comes in a handsome box with nice iconography and dress.

The back of the box shows the other figures in the line, some in more dynamic poses than others. The text discusses the articulation and says you can place Supergirl 'in flight, in fight, or just being super'. Nice little paragraph.

The figure itself has a nice sculpt with good facial features, a key in action figures.

And it is loaded with articulations. Not only joints, but torso, mid-bicep, mid thigh. You can really fiddle with this one a ton to get into a pose you like.

For me the big thing is that with all that articulation, you can get a position where the figure can stand on its own, a key thing if you are displaying.

Again, the hair is nicely rendered. I love the pleated skirt. A very nice figure.

In some ways the articulation makes the aesthetic slightly rougher if you are just looking at the figure and not playing. From behind, all I can really see is the big knee joint.

But I think the upside of a figure like this and the infinite poses outweighs this downside.

The Rebirth costume is similar to the Melissa Benoist television costume so all those figures are in one section of the shrine.

This figure adds a little dynamism to the spot. I'll probably tinker with the pose a bit more to get something more action-packed.

Here is that entire shelf, the new figure over on the right.

This is a nice addition to the Supergirl collection. While a bit pricey, if you want one Supergirl figure to actually play with, this is a good one. All the articulation makes it a lot of fun.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

Looks like a nice action figure. It's nice that Supergirl "made the cut". But don't these figures come with display stands anymore? Not including them probably helps keep the cost down.

I noticed the Icon Heroes Melissa Benoist Supergirl in the back. There's a Dark Supergirl variant that will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive this year. Sometimes these exclusives turn up for sale in comic shops or ebay after San Diego. It's the same statue as the regular, just with a new paint job.

And for some so far unknown reason, Joelle Jones is no longer the artist for DC's Cover Girls line. She only did 8 figures, compared to 13 by Adam Hughes and 19 by Artgerm. Her Supergirl and Batgirl were the best, I thought. Maybe her designs weren't cheesecakey enough for DC. The new artist is Frank Cho. His Batgirl is already up for sale at Big Bad Toy Store. Looking at it, I couldn't help but think of the old Coppertone ads, with the puppy tugging at the little girl's bathing suit.

Anonymous said...

Good one! The Batgirl statue really does seem to be a direct homage to that classic ad.

Is Barbara holding a Bat-Magnifying glass? (Was there such a thing?) She's in a stealthy crouch.

Nice details on the picture of the statue at Big Bad Toy Store - very natural fabric creases in various places. Do actual statues ever look as good as they do in photos?

If this were a lot smaller, I'd think about it. But not 9". In fact - this has got to be 9" in the crouch. So, it would be perhaps 12" if standing straight.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

I don't know if there was ever a Bat-Magnifying Glass in the comics, but I wouldn't be surprised if Adam West had one.

Not sure just what Barbara is holding. It COULD be a magnifier...or a microphone...or a communicator...or something else. Maybe it's a bat-swatter and she's just about to clobber the little pest!

From what I've seen, the quality on the statues is usually good, and they look very much like the ones in the photos. It CAN be a roll of the dice, and sometimes a bad one gets through, but overall, they're fine. I did hear that some statues in DC's Harley Quinn line had sloppy paint jobs and other problems, however.

Anonymous said...

My first guess was a hand mirror, but it does seem like she's "investigating," so a magnifying glass made more sense. It's also kind of small for a mirror.

Flyswatter is possible, or even a bat-swatter. She could definitely use one in this situation.

It could be a spatula. Batgirl could be sneaking up on some pancakes. But no, all kidding aside (because this is serious!) - it's too thick and would make a really, really bad spatula.