Thursday, April 4, 2019

Supergirl Movie Cards

It only took me 10 years to actually getting around to review the Supergirl movie here on the site.

Just a couple of months later, I got a great gift in the mail. Blog friend Russell Burbage sent me to trading cards set for Supergirl the Movie!

Now if you thought the movie was a bit warped in its approach, wait until you see the cards! At least there was a vision out there to 'go for it' with this thing.

All that said, there is something eternal about Helen Slater in the Supergirl costume. She just emanates the feelings I want to feel when I think of Kara. I can look past a lot of the problems with the movie and the merchandise because of Slater. I mean, when I see her, I just sigh a contented sigh.

Thy eternal summer shall not fade ...

This is a set of 44 cards. That said, it isn't really a card set. Every 'card' is a sticker.

And the stickers have all sorts of wonky text and phrases.

'Go For It!'
'World's Fastest Student'
'Hopelessly Devoted to You' (Hope Olivia Newton John got royalties.)
'Break flying ... what a feeling!' (Is that a break dancing and Flashdance riff all in one?)

They even throw in some wild clipart. Check out the skull on the 'Trapped in the Phantom Zone' card.

Okay, so that is pretty crazy.

The back of the stickers are cards which more or less try to tell the story of the movie. But much like weird phrases are put on the stickers, so are weird captions and quotes put on the cards.

"I believe they call this soil ..."
"Stay! Let me behold thee!"


The whole movie is told in 34 cards. But in another tough design move, the number of the card is in a microscopic white circle with the number printed in something akin to font size 1. Seriously, even the youngest eyes would need a magnifying glass to see which card this is. And there isn't even a checklist card to help you know the number and order.

The last 10 card backs are actually a puzzle to put together this mini-poster of Helen Slater in the woods.


In case my puzzle building is off, here is what it should look like.

And here is the lot of stickers for you guys to peruse at your leisure.

Look, I have an unhealthy forgiving nature about this movie. I unironically love it for its bizarre nature and its Slater-ness. So, of course, I love these cards.

Can't thank Russell enough for this great gift!


Anonymous said...

Just for Helen Slater's Supergirl... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! :) As always, thanks for sharing Anj.
Great to know about this little bit of merchandise history.

And wherever she may be, thanks to Helen Slater for giving us the first flesh and blood Supergirl portrayal!


Anonymous said...

Real cool piece of merchandise.

Alas, the text on the stickers clearly show the card-makers made no research and probably didn't give a damn.

Whatever you may think of the film, Helen Slater nailed it. She was the perfect Supergirl. I wish she starred in a better film.