Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Supergirl 1- La Derniere Fille de Krypton

When you are an avid comic book fan who also happens to be friends with people who do a lot of traveling, you often get cool gifts and souvenirs.

A very good friend of mine was recently in Paris and noticed a comic book store just a few blocks from his hotel. He went in and saw this trade - Supergirl, La Derniere Fille de Krypton - and knew he had to grab it for me.

I am a sucker for stuff like this. I have a fun side collection of foreign copies of Supergirl and Superman books. This one is quite slick.

For one, I love the 'non 3D' Supergirl logo. There is something clean about this. Perhaps it being black on the yellow background helps.

And the back cover also is sharp with the black background.

The text I can muddle through with my high school French and deductive skills. It says she comes to Earth to find Superman is not a baby and she has to decide if she will embrace humanity (or something like that).

It opens with a foreword titled 'The Many Lives of the Girl of Steel'.

This would be fascinating for me to get translated because it looks like a primer on all characters who have used moniker Supergirl including Matrix and Cir-El.

Perhaps Supergirl isn't well known over here so this was needed?

As for the book itself, I always hope to one day compare side by side pages so I would learn to speak a new language.

Pages are gorgeous.

As much as I had a hard time with some of the New 52 direction, one thing I never minded was that tremendous Mahmud Asrar art.

And then perhaps my favorite moment from this arc when Supergirl says she has won.

Or in this case 'J'ai gagne!'

I'll put this next to my Italian copy of Superman #16 (first cameo of Matrix) and my Japanese trade of Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Anonymous said...

A very nice gift.

I've recently revisited that arc and I still think it was a strong start for the new Kara, even if it was completely derailed by... an ill-conceived garbage crossover which will not be mentioned.

A pity the current writer is completely ignoring her history.

"Perhaps Supergirl isn't well known over here so this was needed?"

Most likely. I live in an European country, and I may confirm most of super-hero comic-book fans over here worship Marvel and hardly care for DC... unless it is Bat-something.

Off-topic, but I've found out a Superman Family animated show was recently pitched to Warner Bros Animation... and turned down. A real pity.


Anonymous said...

Allegedly, there are original Silver Superman comics written in Italian drawn by Italian Artists...which include appearances by Supergirl! Never collected let alone translated into English...one of my last great Supergirl holy grails...

Nice Get Anj...


Anonymous said...

Très bien! How does the paper stock compare to a US trade? (It can vary even in the US, so perhaps no conclusion can be drawn from a single TP.)

Is this soft or hard cover? Same size as TPs in the US? Even regular paper in Europe is A4 instead of 8 1/2 x 11. Their trades and GNs might also vary.

Do you happen to know if the current Supergirl series is being published and available in France as monthlies?


Anj said...

Great appear stock and hard cover.

Don’t know if the monthlies are there now.

Thanks for all the comments!

Martin Gray said...

Sounds brilliant, did I ever send you a copy of the shortlived Supergirl UK comic from a couple of years back? I've lost track!

We should declare ourselves The Supergirl Collectors Club or Kara Kollective!