Tuesday, April 30, 2019

DCSuperhero Girls #SilverScream

Just last week, I finally got around to reviewing DC Superhero Girls #MeetTheCheetah.

One of the things that tickled me about that short was that Supergirl was firing off bad puns left and right. As people most likely know, I love puns. And obviously, I love Supergirl. So that seemed like a match made in heaven.

So just when I didn't think I could like or relate more with this new Supergirl, I saw the DC Superhero Girls #SilverScream short over on YouTube. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOHRwZ1Z6aI

In it we see learn that Supergirl is also a movie fanatic and also like the horror genre of movies. And when she is at the theater, she like to immerse herself in the experience. People distracting her from the movie are going to irritate her.

It is as if Lauren Faust is trying to create the most Anj-est Kara there is.

#SilverScream starts off with the marquee shot.

Summer of Danger VIII is showing.

There is even the secondary title 'He remembers what you don't remember' - perhaps some riff on 'I know what you did last summer'?

But it is what happens inside the cinema that is hilarious.

We see just how excited Kara is to see this.

Wide eyed.
Wide smile.

She even sort of shimmies in her seat with excitement.

That's my expression when I am pumped to see something on the big screen!

When the title card comes on she yells in excitement, only to be shushed by someone nearby.

She waves an understanding wave and then whisper-yells a 'yay'.

Hmmm ... maybe she doesn't recognize her own distracting behavior?

The movie starts and sure enough someone has to walk by her to get to his seat.

It is a tight fit causing Kara to fall on the floor.

But it's okay, she settles in.

Then down the row, two young girls are giggling and making small talk in a way that interrupts Supergirl's viewing.

They look apologetic but then go completely back to their talking.

She shoos/scares/shoots them out of the cinema, bombarding them with popcorn.

The killer of 'Summer of Danger VIII' is the spatula killer, a sort of Jason Voorhees mask wearing monster armed with a spatula.


But just as the movie is getting good, a couple in front begins to be a bit amorous. And in a loud and intrusive way./

That bugs Supergirl to the point she uses her powers to separate the two. Her solution is a little cruel and a little brutal. I'll let folks watch to see what they think.

Then a whole congregation of people walk into the theater late and stand in the row in front of her.

While they are standing, the spatula killer takes off his mask and puts it back on. Kara is robbed of the big reveal.

This riles her to the point of using her heat vision to fry the floor below the row in front of her. The whole row falls deeper into the ground thus revealing the screen.

Finally it looks like all distractions are solved when out of nowhere someone is slurping their drink just to Kara's left.

It is the loud slurp of trying to get the last drop out of the bottom of the cup.
It is enough to make a Kryptonian's blood boil. But before she can lash out, she looks to see it is her friend Babs doing the slurping. Sheepishly, Babs asks what she has missed.

Roll credits.

It is a fun little short. It reminds me of a Bugs Bunny where he is hiding from Elmer Fudd in a cinema. I also love that Supergirl and I have a love of films in common.

As I have said before, so far so good with this relaunch.


Anonymous said...

You'd think horror movies would be "Too Much Like Work", but this is a more mercurial version of Supergirl. My theory is she loves comedies, even obscure silent movie two reelers...of course Melissa Benoist thinks she loves musicals and love stories...anything to escape the cape for two hours!



William Ashley Vaughan said...

I'm enjoying the new DC Superhero Girls too. It was fun watching Supergirl deal with common movie pests. I suspect that if Supergirl is into comedy, she probably likes slapstick. Maybe she's the world's only female Three Stooges fan. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

Professor Feetlebaum said...

"Maybe she's the world's only female Three Stooges fan. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!"

Yes, but is she a Curly girl, or a Shemp fan????

I can empathize with Kara. In 1964, I saw A Hard Day's Night in a theatre filled with teenage girls, who SCREAMED whenever The Beatles were on screen.

The Bugs Bunny cartoon sounds like Box Office Bunny from 1990 or '91. A multiplex was built (in seconds) over Bugs's rabbit hole. Daffy Duck is in it, too. It's on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Very funny episode! Maybe she was a bit too mean with that kissing couple, but I'll be annoyed, too.

And Babs showing up at the end was golden. I can see the words "She's my bestie, I can't kill her" running across her mind.