Tuesday, October 10, 2017

1995 Australian Supergirl Glass From Australia

Big thanks to blog friend from Down Under @reading_hix (co-host with @avantgarve of the excellent Waiting For Doom podcast) for telling me about this excellent Supergirl glass from the mid-90s.

That most delicious chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella had a series of promotional glasses of DC heroes back in the mid-90s including the then Matrix Supergirl sporting my favorite costume! This series of glasses is quite a time capsule because it included Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern.

Paul not only let me know about the glass but was able to find me one and send it my way.

I love the rather standard heroic pose here as it highlights all my favorite parts of the costume - full shirt, pointy sleeves, pointy belt, and red skirt. Plus, by putting one foot slightly in front of the other, there is an illusion of Supergirl walking to the viewer.

As a big fan of this version of Supergirl, I was thrilled to learn about this and get it for my collection.

The back of the glass sports the S-shield and the classic Supergirl title font. Nice addition!

I was trying to puzzle out the best place for the glass on the shelf. Did it belong with the Matrix costume merchandise?

In the end, I thought a 'glassware' section made better sense. So here it is next to the Pepsi Supergirl glass and the Toon Tumbler glass.

Pretty snazzy.

Here is a better look at that corner of the shelf.

At some point, especially given all the things I have ordered, I will need to do a major revamp of these shelves (or add a fourth??).

Thanks again Paul for sending this my way! I love it!


Anonymous said...

How cool!

Funny thing, at the beginning I thought it was Kara, although I was wondering when she wore that specific costume. I don't know why, but the art gives off a kind of "Bronze Age" vibe. Some idea as to who did it?

"This series of glasses is quite a time capsule because it included Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern."

Things sure have changed since the 90's.

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, but the Bronze Age Supergirl makes a sort-of-cameo in the "Batman & Harley Quinn" animated feature, she is depicted as a bronze age poster on the wall of a "Hooters" style restaurant with a Superheroine theme...red ballet slippers and all ....:)