Thursday, September 28, 2017

Saturn Girl On Supergirl!

I don't think anyone was truly surprised by the news from earlier this week about the Legion appearing on Supergirl this season. Between Mon-El last season and other Easter Eggs, I think most fans were expecting it.

Still, there is something thrilling about it being verified by the CW. Just a couple of days ago word that Amy Jackson will appear on the show as Saturn Girl hit the internet. Here is one of many links, this one from the DC website:

And here are some blurbs from that article.

Hailing from the sixth planet of our solar system, the one and only Saturn Girl will be arriving in National City this season on the hit CW series. Played by Bollywood star Amy Jackson, Saturn Girl will mark the U.S. debut of the British born actress.

Interestingly, Mon-El—who appeared on last season— is also affiliated with the Legion of Super-Heroes, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll play a role in Saturn Girl’s arrival. As for Jackson, she began her career as a model before going on to establish herself as one of India’s most in-demand leading ladies, appearing in Bollywood hits  i & Theri. Along with being her first appearance on American TV, Supergirl also marks Jackson’s super hero debut.

I can't imagine that Saturn Girl will be the only Legionnaire who makes it onto the show. It may be that Imra appears on one episode and the rest of the team appears later. I keep thinking the team as a whole are a late season plot point. But this is exciting. As a huge Supergirl and Legion fan, this is unbelievable and fantastic!

I don't know much about Jackson but she certainly is strikingly beautiful. It sounds like she is a very good actress/star as well. If anyone has seen any of her work, please let us know.

I think red and pinks suit her so I can't wait to see what her costume looks like.

I don't know if I am ready for a brunette Saturn Girl but that is a quibble. Live action Legion! Nothing else really matters.

 And can we get this outfit?

Pretty please?

And as I said, we suspected the Legion would end up showing up on the show. Last season on Supergirl we had a lingering shot of the Legion ring in the Fortress of Solitude. Between that and Mon-El, how could be not have them eventually show up.

 But I'll also remind people that the first time we saw the Legion ring in the Berlanti-verse was on the Flash two seasons ago when Barry was running through time/dimensions. It was in that sequence we also spotted Supergirl (then on CBS) which indicated we were looking at one multiverse.

I feel like this is my time. Supergirl and the Legion on live action television in a hit show. What more could I ask for?


Anonymous said...

"What more could I ask for?"

A Legion live-action film featuring Superboy, Supergirl, the three founding members, Brainiac 5, Light Lass, Wildfire and Chameleon Kid fighting your most loathed Legion villain plus a side of Kara/Querl romance?

A critically acclaimed and high-selling Supergirl storyline featuring most of Supergirls of the Multiverse taking down some multiversal threat?

An ongoing Legion book that is actually good and enjoys decent sales?

I'm thrilled to see Saturn Girl and the Legion making an appearance. I guess I can live with a brunette Imra (and the actress is admittedly beautiful), although some of the news weird me out: Saturn Girl a telekinetic? And married to Mon-El? Look, I understand this is an adaptation and the screenwriters very obviously don't feel beholden to comic canon, but it still feels strange. Oh, well.

Hmm... Since films and series use to influence the comics I bet Saturn Girl will become a telekinetic in the comics sooner or later.

I really hope we see more Legionnaires. Who was the Legion's inspiration in this universe? The screenwriters are aware that both cousins were originally their role models?

And I hope SuG and SaG teaming up consolidates the link between Supergirl and the Legion (unsurprisingly, the Legion fandom is one of the few ones that show Supergirl some respect). The Kryptonian Kids and the Legion are able to exist without each other... but they are a part of each other! Seeing Superman treating the Legionnaires as strangers or nuisances in the 90's felt wrong even before I read my first Legion comic. Contrastingly, one of my favorite scenes in the "Superman & the Legion of Super-Heroes" arc was Superman telling: "Red sun, magic war, it could be raining Kryptonite, I don't care. Next time you need my help, you let me know."

On a less pleasant note, fans bickering is all you see across the board: people hating Mon-El or Mon and Imra's alleged relationship or gloating over a hated ship sinking or spewing bile because Maggie and Alex will break up... I'm SO sick of shipping garbage wars and fans attacking each other instead of celebrating all Supergirl things! I'm a Supergirl/Brainiac shipper but do you see me whining because it isn't happening? No, of course not.

Anyway let's try to enjoy the show and hope the incoming Legion arc is good. Long Life the Legion!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind a brunette actress playing Saturn Girl, but she better dye it blonde or wear a wig. :D
I am still peeved about Maggie Sawyer not sporting her classic haircut.
I get them wanting to mix in people of different heritage, but Amy Jackson is British and hairdos isn't reason for representation yet. If it is, I expect Superman to rock a Leningrad Cowboy haircut in his next appearance.

Anonymous said...

"What more could I ask for?" How about a Team Affiliation for Supergirl in da comics? Her TV crew has its charms even if it's a bit random and governed by trademark availability...but lets get something going team wise shall we hmmm?

But I digress, Imra makes two high end telepaths on Supergirl, not sure what she is supposed to do that they don't get out of J'Onn....(maybe the Manhunter goes missing or something)....then again she is agreeably dollsome and thats an advantage from my viewpoint...


KET said...

Seems to me that the casting of Jackson signals that the TV series will likely go multi-cultural in appearance if more LSH members do eventually show up. Since there's no longer an ongoing comic that still invokes an idealized, 1950s white-bred look of the future, it's about time for a more modern upgrade for 2017.


Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I suppose I set myself up with the 'what more could I ask for' comment.

Anonymous said...

> 'what more could I ask for'

How about "October 9th can't come soon enough!" Love the news floating around about the S3 premiere, but I want to actually see it onscreen! See where and how it goes from there...

See everyone on the 9th!


Anonymous said...

"Seems to me that the casting of Jackson signals that the TV series will likely go multi-cultural in appearance if more LSH members do eventually show up."


Amy Jackson is British.
Since there's no longer an ongoing comic that still invokes an idealized, 1950s white-bred look of the future, it's about time for a more modern upgrade for 2017."

'Idealized, 1950s white-bred look of the future'? I'm sorry, but it sounds like you haven't ever read a Legion book.