Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Supergirl The Movie Storybook

I have spoken in the past about the very giving nature of the internet comic book fan community I consider myself a part of these days. I am still shocked at the generosity of the friends I have met here.

The latest example was this gorgeous copy of 'The Supergirl Storybook' sent to me by Doom Patrol and Hawkman afficianado Doug Zawisza (@DZawisca on Twitter). This is a really meaty adapatation of the movie written by Wendy Andrews.

I had no idea this book even existed. And for Doug to stumble on copy that is in such pristine condition, pick it up, and send it to me is just unbelievable.

First I was really struck at the condition if this book. It looks like it came off the shelves yesterday with nary a ding on the cover. And the book probably was never read because the binding is pretty stiff, cracking deliciously as I opened it wide.

But second, I am really floored at Doug's generosity. This is such a wonderful gift for me. (I really can't believe how many people have sent me Supergirl stuff. I am really humbled.

Here is a look at the back cover. As I said this is a really in-depth adaptation of the Supergirl movie. But one of the big draws for me is the number of color photographs inside the book. As the cover says, there are over 50 photos inside, some splash pages and others inset in the text.

The back cover selection certainly covers the scope of the movie nicely. We see Argo City, Supergirl flying, the troubled romance with Ethan, and then the battle with Faye Dunaway. That last photo with Supergirl defiantly in the background is just great.

Here is my favorite 2 page spread showing the wonderfully graceful flying of Helen Slater. If there is a picture that embodies Supergirl in this book it is that one of her flying in the trees. She is smiling broadly, almost angelic in her body language, and just so bright!

I have said it too many times but Helen Slater just nailed the part. I hope to meet her some day!

As you can see, the story itself is pretty dense with a lot of description of the plot and action. This looks like it is built more for the middle school crowd. The story runs just about 40 pages with some pages being entirely text.

I do like how whenever Kara uses a super-power it is in a blue bigger font. I suppose if you were skimming the story, you'd want to read the action bits.

My favorite part of the movie is the battle with the invisible electricity monster so I was really hoping we would get an action shot of her and the monster.

Unfortunately, all we get is her holding the lamp post she uses as a weapon. No monster.

I wonder why they wouldn't include one.

And, of course, I am reminded of how the cast in this movie included some pretty big names. Faye Dunaway as Selena! Mia Farrow as Alura! And, of course, Peter O'Toole as Zaltar!

I know Slater has talked about how O'Toole was so helpful for her on the movie, running lines and even reading Shakespeare at times. I know the movie is a bit campy and isn't exactly the highbrow stuff these actors were used to doing. But I am glad they did more than mail it in.

This book will definitely be a highlight on my bookshelf and I can't thank Doug enough. I love the Supergirl fandom that comes here. And I am awed by how giving everyone is. It is the circle of life of fandom.


Anonymous said...

That's a very cool gift.

Sometimes I try to NOT think of what could have been. What if the script was more competently written? What if the movie would have been successful?

Curiously, opinions about the Supergirl movie are all over the place nowadays ranging from "campy but fun, and at the very least it's better than Superman III/IV and Batman III/IV" (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/dc-movies-all-films-ranked-878039/item/steel-dc-comics-films-ranked-878034) to "DC's second worst movie ever" (yeah, right).

I'll endlessly praise Helen Slater's performance. I don't CARE what someone else says. She was charming, passionate, fierce and determinated. She was Supergirl.

Doug said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Dr Anj! I'm just happy I was able to get it to you and fill a hole in your collection.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Helen came within an ace of doing the nigh impossible for an actor, redeeming mediocre material, she deserves endless props for her performance in Supergirl. I actually talked to her briefly once at a convention, I was wise enough to limit the chat to her love of musical theatre, that got her all talkative.

I too like to run Supergirl thru my own personal "Counterfactual movie generator" I sometimes think Supergirl would have been better off if she'd been intro'd in a Superman movie....if only to see Helen and Chris interacting together....on the other hand if the Salkinds had taken a chance on a "Supergirl TV Series" I have no doubt it would have run for years, Slater is just that good and she'd worn well on TV.


Anonymous said...

Glad this was found, and that now you have a copy, Anj.

I used to have a copy when I was younger, but due to various moves, I'm sad to say mine got lost in the
shuffle. Last time I saw it was at a con, but it had been cut up for some arts & crafts project, but
sometimes I dream of locating another copy one day.

From what I recall, it's on the "for kiddies as a tie-in to movie X" merchandising, and maybe I'm looking
at it with rosecolored glasses... but yes, I HIGHLY agree, Helen Slater just nailed Supergirl in that movie!
Simple as that! Hope this also gives you the impetus to one day watch and review the Supergirl movie as well :)

> I wonder why they wouldn't include one.

Suffice to say the SFX of the monster took away all credibility from its fierceness / scariness / whatever
they were trying to do with it.

> if only to see Helen and Chris interacting together

...ahh, the road not travelled. Not to knock what Tyler H and Melissa Benoist have given us in S2, but I
still often wonder what it would have been like to have Reeve Superman and Slater Supergirl onscreen together.