Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review: DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special

Last Saturday was Wonder Woman Day at local comic stores, a brilliant addition by DC to last month's Free Comic Book Day. The FCBD DC books were Wonder Woman and DC Super Hero Girls. But given the buzz of the Wonder Woman movie, I love that DC gave us another day of free stuff. And I love that they doubled down on Diana. If DC knew that they were doing a Wonder Woman day with a free Wonder Woman comic and a free DCSHG book, they could have looked elsewhere for FCBD. Instead, we get 4 Wonder Woman focused freebies. And that makes me happy!

DC SuperHero Girls Wonder Woman Day #1 is just the second chapter of the upcoming Summer Olympus graphic novel which is being released around the corner. The creators are writer Shea Fontana and artist Yancey Labat, the two most linked to the Superhero Girls. I do love this cover though, something of a badass Diana with Kara and Babs ready to throw down right behind her. This is the fiercest I have seen this version of these characters. And I love Ares appearing in Diana's bracelets.

And while the focus of this issue and this OGN is Diana, we get to see the other superheroes in action. So glad we got to see some hijinks on the Kent farm.

The two DCSHG freebies have grabbed my attention! I'll probably buy the graphic novel when it comes out.

The Supergirl scene is brief but memorable.

I do think it is silly that Barda and Shiva, trained warriors, are having such a blast doing the daily tasks on the farm. Baling hay? Milking cows?

Maybe after a year of superhero training, doing something 'normal' or earthy would be a vacation.

And then we get a page seeing where Supergirl teaches her pals about chores and getting things done.

For example, threatening a chicken to lay an egg seems foolish.

But Kara shows how to get the job done, even herding the sheep and caring for the goats.

There is such joy on Kara, Shiva, and Barda's faces. Just fun.

And let's face it, I could use more fun in my comics.

But the bulk of the issue is Diana trying to adjust to life on Olympus. When Ares arrives, she immediately attacks him as the villain he is. But the other gods aren't as concerned. And then Ares turns out to be ... or rather seems to be ... a nice guy. Look at him smiling and hugging Diana.

Diana's expression is priceless. I don't think she is buying this jovial little act.

She feels so out of sorts, she reaches out to Kara and Babs by phone but both are busy. Kara at the farm. And Batgirl ...

Batgirl is in London, trying to capture a thief who has stolen a golden palm crown from a museum. I don't know if I recognize this burglar yet. Circe?

Whoever she is, she has skills, stymieing Babs at every turn.

I have said before how I love this whole continuity. I love Barda on the farm and Supergirl being sweet, naive, but ready for action. And Wonder Woman as the sort of inspiration role model makes perfect sense.

So I am thrilled that DC gave us another chapter. And I can't wait to read the rest.


Anonymous said...

DC's Female Trinity featured on more comic covers. Yes, please!

The Supergirl pages were simply adorable. Kara is so sweet, trying to teach her friends the difference between running a farm and running it into the ground...

And I know from experience that goats ARE ornery. Kara KNOWS what's talking about. :)

Although I think this Supergirl's version is a bit too much Clark-like, living in Smallville, being all but adopted by Pan and Ma and helping run a farm.

Poor Diana. Half-goddess or not, she doesn't fit in the Olympus.

And you have to love Babs' determination.

Although Laurent Faust is going to launch her DCSHG reboot the next year, Fontana has assured that she still has many stories to tell in this universe, which is good. I wonder how different both versions will be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Anj. And glad TPTB gave Wonder Woman some DCSHG lovin'!

Definitely, the cover picture of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Bumble Bee... SWEET! Don't know if
you've also caught the latest webisode of DCSHG here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4ChP6EKiNc -- if
you thought the Wonder Woman movie was great, this just kicks it over the top! And TOTALLY riffs on what
they did with BatmanvSuperman and having Batgirl and Supergirl reinact that movie in 2minutes or less over
superfood cake.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, whatever TPTB are letting Shea Fontana and Co. do, keep doing it!
I just love what they're doing with this series! And whatever the future brings, I'm sure they'll continue
to do right by it!


Anonymous said...

"There is such joy on Kara, Shiva, and Barda's faces. Just fun."

And therein lies what makes DCSHG such a hit...FUN! Not to mention they make Supergirl into an adorable loveable superhero who is willing to fight for her friends or the common good.