Thursday, June 1, 2017

Supergirl DCTV Action Figure

The second Supergirl action figure based on the television show comic came out last week and it is beautiful. This mirrors the show costume nicely from the big boots to the gray leggings to the thumb holes on the sleeves.

There are plenty of points of articulation so that you can position the figure nicely. And the inclusion of the multiple hands are a nice touch, giving you some options. I chose the closed fist for my display.

This series includes other DCTV characters including Supergirl's own Martian Manhunter! Hopefully all the J'onn fans out there are lining up to buy this.

And the Vixen and Constantine figures also look great.

The side of the box really showcases what I think is the best aspect of this figure and that is the sculpt of the face. It is almost eerie how much it looks like Melissa Benoist!

Just lovely.

My one complaint is the lack of a true stand for the figure. I had to dig up an old one to give the figure the support it needed to standup.

But outside that, the figure is great. From the wrinkles in the boots to the skirt pleats, to that Benoist face, the whole thing is beautiful. Again, the arms have a lot of articulation so you can have her in a bunch of poses.

And the back matches the front nicely. Plenty of detail work appears in the hair and cape.

Very nice.

Obviously, there is going to be a growing bunch of collectibles based on the show costume. So I anticipate needing to rearrange things on the shrine again.

But for now, I only have 2 show pieces. The two action figures are similar in design although this latest one is superior in size and sculpt.

Here is a bit of a close-up, the new figure in the background there.

Nice piece, albeit a bit pricey. But it is a nice addition to the collection and let's me give the show the support it deserves.


Anonymous said...

Great figure. Congratulations.

You'll have to expand your shrine at this -blessed- rate!

KET said...

Looks quite superior to the Mattel figure that came out last year. The facial features in particular really do appear to emulate Melissa much better.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if MB gets some cashola for "likeness rights"?


Anonymous said...

"Looks quite superior to the Mattel figure that came out last year." In agreement there KET.

The sculpt the paint look AWE-TO-THE-SOME.

But the face looks like she's sad. Supergirl is supposed to be happy. But given everything else about it, this is a minor complaint.

I think I might plop down $$ for it.