Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Music! Mon-El! Miss Martian!! Kevin Smith!!

Okay, I have been busy these last few days, specifically running around at the Boston Comic Con on the weekend. So, of course, a ton of new information would be dropped about the upcoming second season of Supergirl.

The switch to the CW was initially somewhat concerning to me because there was a lot of 'gloom and doom' talk about budgets and episode length and cutbacks. All of this news makes me think that was a lot of worry for nothing. There is a almost too much news that sounds like the CW is embracing the show and giving it everything it needs.

I understand this news is kind of stale by the time I am covering it so I won't go crazy, other than to give my thoughts and optimism. And I'll include some links but there is plenty of coverage everywhere.

We already knew that Superman was going to guest star on the show for a couple of episodes. Now it has been confirmed that the person in the pod is Mon-El. And we also have heard that Miss Martian will also be on the show. Here is a link:http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/supergirl-season-two-adds-miss-martian-mon-el

Now as a Legion fan, I actually like the idea of Mon-El being in the pod. Mon-El was rocketed from Krypton. He did meet a super-family member. So him appearing on a Supergirl show is a nice new wrinkle to his comic origins. Comic fans know he needs to be placed in the Phantom Zone to save him from lead poisoning. It is only in the future, with the Legion, that he can be cured. I can imagine some episode on Supergirl ending with him awakening around a Legion team. Unbelievable.

As for Miss Martian, I have always liked the character. She had a sort of bubbly innocence at times which was more evocative of classic Supergirl or Mary Marvel in the darker comic medium of the time. I do wonder if she will be revealed to be a white Martian. I wonder if she'll be embraced or pushed away by Hank.

There are a lot of story possibilities here. So I am thrilled.

The next big news was that Kevin Smith was going to direct an episode of Supergirl. Here is a link:

Now I will admit that I am a fan of Kevin Smith. His movies are sort of juvenile fun. His pop cultural references are definitely my pop culture references. And I definitely loved his episode of the Flash. That episode was a gut punch of feelings. So I think that he is going to do something special here.

But if you don't believe me, listen to Smith himself in this very NSFW announcement about the gig:

There is no denying his love for the show or his passion for the job.

Then lastly, and almost inevitably, we learned that there will definitely be a crossover musical episode with Supergirl and the Flash.  Here is some coverage:http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/08/11/the-flash-and-supergirl-to-join-forces-in-a-musical-crossover/

This doesn't sound as if this is part of the big four show crossover but maybe a side adventure? With Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist both being on Glee, a musical episode has been bandied about since the Supergirl show was announced. And after seeing the chemistry the two had in their crossover Supergirl episode, you knew this was going to happen.

I am thrilled to see this. It is going to be such goofy fun. I anticipate a smile frozen on my face.

But one more rumor came out about that musical episode. Suddenly a rumor came out that Joss Whedon would be directing the musical episode. Unreal. Here is that news:http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/08/12/joss-whedon-rumored-to-direct-the-flashsupergirl-musical-crossover

Of course, Whedon made his bones on the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer show (a show I loved). And one of the things he did was a musical episode 'Once More With Feeling'. He would certainly how to direct his way around that sort of episode.

But really? Joss Whedon? Now that his star is so bright in the sky, would he do it? Can you imagine the publicity for the show if he did?

Anyways, that is a lot of information, all of it which makes me have a ton of optimism for the upcoming season. Incredible!


garyb said...

I am pretty geeked for the upcoming season of Supergirl. Gotta discount the Joss Whedon rumor though, not buying that one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Whedon is a feature film guy now, and a known "Marvel" go-to....I doubt he'll direct said musical ep (what Mxyztplk shows up and demands compulsory singing?) But all the other stuff sounds precious and lovely....


garyb said...

Ohh, I think someone suggested that singing may be brought out by the Music Meister as the bad-guy-of-the-week.


Anonymous said...

Well, technically Mon-El is from Daxam, not Krypton. But there is a comic book that explains, in the distant past, a Kryptonian explorer visited Daxam and mated with one of the natives, producing the current Daxamite people.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Adding to the above, Anj. Right before the 2011 reboot, I would swear it was a Superman Annual, there were a very small group of Kryptonian explorers (which seemed to negate the idea that Kryptonians never wanted to explore) and the ship had to find a habitable planet to land on. They landed on Daxam and could not leave.

I'll check in my long bins, but it is a great done-in-one story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Anj. And the news of S2 keeps coming out nonstop and looks great! Regarding Miss Martian,
I can't help but think back to issues 60 - 64 of the 2004 version and the interactions Supergirl had with
her, Damien Wayne, et al. which I hope will be the model of how TPTB present her.

On my personal list of "like to see in S2"

- more previous actresses of Supergirls in guest roles.

- Helen Slater dressed in Supergirl's costume in a "fangirl moment," and Melissa B unexpectedly catching her
doing that. It's just something that'd put one HECKUVA smile on this Supergirl fan's face! :)

- a teamup with Batgirl is a MUST! Given the history these two have had in comics history.

I'd also thought / hoped a Power Girl appearance was possible in S1, but who know what the future will bring...

Counting Down to October 10th!


Gene said...

Looking forward to Miss Martian! I loved her in the comics and in Young Justice.

If Neil Patrick Harris guest stars in that musical episode as the Music Meister then a shock wave of awesomeness will encompass us all!


Anj said...

Thanks for the comments! Love the Music Meister idea.

Bet Miss Martian is a 'is she a good guy or a bad guy' character.

Maybe Helen Slater in the SGirl costume for a Halloween issue? Love the idea of the her in costume!