Monday, February 15, 2016

So Much Supergirl Merchandise!

It would be so simple to declare 2016 as the year of Supergirl, She has never had so much mainstream exposure. And, not surprising, with an increased presence and with 11million fans viewing each week, more and more Supergirl merchandise is being announced. After all, those fans might want to spend money on their new favorite character. I already have a Supergirl show-style statue and a Darwyn Cooke-style Supergirl action figure on layaway.

At the recent NY Toy Fair, several new Supergirl toys and statuettes were announced. Frankly, I don't think I'll have enough room or money for all these. But we'll see ...

The first news I heard was on a 5 figure pack being released based on the main characters in the New Adventures of Batman and Robin episode 'Girls Night Out'. Here is the information:

Now I reviewed 'Girls Night Out' here; it is a show I absolutely love. I love the Supergirl of the DC Animated Universe and would definitely want to add this to my collection. But I don't think I can spring the money for the 5-pack if I really only want Supergirl. (Although they all look slick and who wouldn't want that Livewire.) I wonder if they will sell these as individual figures.

As cool as that 5-pack is, I have to say I love this one more. Funko is finally making a Supergirl Funko Pop! figure. Here is an official instagram from the Fair:

I am so happy this is the Matrix version of the costume, my favorite. It is close enough to the television show that it will cross-pollinate both comic and TV fans.

I can't tell you how hard it was as a Kara fan to walk by a huge wall of these figures and see that Supergirl wasn't available. I mean, everybody seems to have a Pop!figure. So glad Supergirl if finally getting one!

While I was glad that Supergirl is getting a Pop! figure, it is this Funko figure that is the merchandise item I want the most. Funko is making a series of 5 inch figures under the series name of Rock Candy. Here is a link:

This Supergirl figure is just sweet!

And then we got word that Mattel is doing 6in. action figures for Batman v Superman (although the sign on the back says DC Comics Multiverse) and included in that is Supergirl, clearly based on the television show. I don't think Supergirl is in the movie (I actually hope she isn't). But how can I not want to grab this!


And don't forget that DC Superhero Girls is bringing the fun. It was just announced that Superhero Girls merchandise will be available in March 2016 exclusively at Target. I don't know if I'll grab the more Barbie style doll. But an action figure! Count me in!

So I better start saving my money!

As I said, you could be tempted to name 2016 the year of Supergirl. But until I get a monthly comic, I don't know if I can go there yet.


Martin Gray said...

Such great figure, I'll take 'em all!

Now, what prop background would you like? I'd love a rainbow-coloured time travel tunnel for Kara to fly through.

Uncle Screensaver said...

It's all so super! But I won't be picking up much as I don't have the money or it's not going to be available in my small, small town in Canada.

That's a shame that DC Super Hero Girls will only be at Target - Target has come and gone here in Canada and while they have some items available for shipping here on their website, the Canadian dollar is just too poor for me to want to try and do that. I think they are really missing out by having them as US only items. What a major disappointment. Oh well, I don't need any of this, so it's time to be a grown up and accept that.

However, with that in mind, Hallmark has an Itty Bitty "Limited Edition" Supergirl right now, possibly the cutest Supergirl merch out there!

KET said...

Hadn't seen the Funko offerings yet, so this is great news. I think this confirms beyond any doubt that Supergirl interest is on fire, and now the merchandising possibilities are finally starting to kick in.


Anj said...

There's an itty bitty??

Martin Gray said...

If there is, I volunteer to squish the little blighter.

Uncle Screensaver said...

Itty Bitties are little plushies that include DC and Marvel super heroes, Disney characters, and a whole pile of other pop culture characters. Think soft, cuter plush versions of Funko Pops!

KET said...

Thanks for the tip, Uncle Screensaver! Hallmark has a Buy 3, Get 1 Free offer for those itty bittys right now, so I took advantage. :)


Uncle Screensaver said...

You're most welcome, KET! :) I'm happy to have helped! :D

Anj said...

Gotta head to Hallmark tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

So much stuff! So few funds available. A friend let me know about the "Girls Night Out" collection and I SWEAR I was drooling like an idiot for a few minutes, and it took a few minutes for my broken brain to start processing things again.

> As I said, you could be tempted to name 2016 the year of Supergirl. But until I
> get a monthly comic, I don't know if I can go there yet.

Heartily agree... but on the flip side, and compared to where things were a few years back, it's DEFINATELY a good place for our favorite superheroine to be right now!


Gene said...

I must have that Rock Candy and TV show Supergirl figures!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for "Supergirl, the Board Game" :)


Anonymous said...

”Multiverse” is the umbrella term for all the live-action DC stuff. That’s how they refer to it in the Injustice 2 app. Though it should be noted that the tv-shows are specifically part of the ‘Arrow-verse’ and are NOT part of the life-action movies.