Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sighting On The Flash

The news of a Flash and Supergirl crossover spread like wildfire just last week. Everyone was giddy with the prospect of that episode of Supergirl, airing in late March. Would there be singing? A race for charity? Romance?

Well on this week's episode of the Flash, we got a glimpse into that reality. It was a fleeting moment but it made my night.

As Barry, Cisco, and Harrison Wells cross through the breach tunnel to head to Earth 2, they are overcome with visions of other realities.

One of those other universes is Supergirl's.

Blink and you'd miss it. But there she was smiling and flying. So now we know, different Earths.

 Gustin posted this picture on his Instagram account. He is filming right now. Incredible!

But hold on ... there was more visions in that breach tunnel, including another one that floored me!

What's that circle over on the left?

Okay, it's a lousy picture. Trust me, that is a Legion flight ring!!

Supergirl and the Legion spotlighted on a television show! That makes me happy!

There were other visions in the breach. The John Wesley Shipp Flash series. Green Arrow. Jonah Hex. Incredible.

And overall the Flash episode was a love letter to comics. We got to see Killer Frost! And she kissed a guy until he froze solid! We saw Deathstorm. An evil Vibe! It was all good.

But nothing came close to those two opening images in the breach. Supergirl and the Legion! Unreal!


Timothy S. Brannan said...

There was also the 90s Flash in the breach as well.

TV is a great place for DC fans right now.

Anonymous said...

Latest Flash ep SOOOOO geeked me out, but seeing that brief clip of Supergirl during the dimensional crossing was icing on the cake!
As for the Legion ring... :gawk: Don't care, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, PLEASE!


KET said...

Well....if one knows their Silver Age comics, Superboy and Supergirl stories originally introduced the LSH. Could it happen here as well? Geoff Johns did tease the possibility recently that one of the Berlanti shows might be bringing them in.


Anonymous said...

If Grant Gustin and Melissa B start singing XTC's "That's Really Super, Supergirl" at a Karaoke Event.....I..Will...Plotz!


Nikki said...

This is the first time the non-comic reading public have been introduced to the multiverse and to see Supergirl in it felt so right. I don't get why its blue and not red but there we go.