Monday, February 22, 2016

Sales Review January 2016

Are you a DC fan? Do you want to be depressed? Do you want hard data to prove the sinking feeling you have about our favorite heroes? Well head to ICv2 and see their coverage of January's sales:

DC had about half of Marvel's sales.

They have 2 books in the top 25, one of which is Batman/TMNT.

And Rebirth is right around the corner, resetting a universe that right now seems lost.

And sales bear all that out.
Superman #48 started the fast-paced rush to end The Truth.
It was a crazy issue.
It made no sense in the context of all The Truth stories we have read before.
It had great art by Howard Porter.

It sold just under 38,000 books.

The flagship character is mired in the low 40s in sales.

And Action Comics is even worse, selling just above 30K.

The Superman books are a mess.

Justice League 3001 #8, the bold new direction issue showcasing an all-female League led by Supergirl, came out last month.

This title is a fun mishmash of continuities. It is smart. But it is clearly a niche book. And a company drowning in their own failures probably can't support niche books.

This book sold about 13K.
Those are worrisome numbers.
There was no bump from the new direction. The new direction was barely covered.
Rebirth was the death knell for this book. It will be missed.

I should stop doing these posts.

They depress me.

I am sure that Rebirth will fix everything!!!!


Anonymous said...

More people and different people need to track down their locals and start buying DC comics. If all Rebirth does is force the current aud to buy MORE comics to follow thru some multi-issue storyline then Rebirth won't fix a thing and we will be one step closer to an "All Digital Line" of DC Comics and I suspect we will be lucky to get that....


Uncle Screensaver said...

This Rebirth has me excited and I haven't been excited for DC since Convergence and what I thought was a temporary change of Flasshpoint. I'm sure I'll be let down, because DC often does, BUT there is going to be a new Supergirl book, so the character is definitely not going into limbo, so that makes me happy. The Super-Man and Superwoman have me definitely intrigued, though I hope the "woman" doesn't make the "girl" *less than*.

I'm definitely saddened to see JL3001 go, and apparently Bombshells, but we will possibly have a mainstream Supergirl with greater direction and a bigger player in DC as a whole, so that will still be a win.

Anonymous said...

JL3001 is a helluva shame, its one of the best depictions of Supergirl since the Empire Days of Sterling Gates.