Monday, November 9, 2015

Supergirl Comic Being 'Rushed'

Since the announcement of the Supergirl television show and the cancellation of the last book, fans have been wondering when Kara would end up getting her own book again. As publicity of the show grew to supernova intensity, the questions about a book grew louder and more frequent. What was DC thinking? Didn't they realize this was a nonsensical decision?

Well, maybe DC heard all the buzz from fans. Or maybe they just realized they weren't being savvy. Regardless, the news came out on Bleeding Cool that a Supergirl book is being rushed to production. Here is the link:

Now there isn't much to go on here but a couple of things stuck out to me.

One, this is described as being digital first which makes me think that this is going to be a tie in to the show. I wouldn't mind seeing a book about that Supergirl and that universe. We are at the beginning of world building, so why not learn more. And DC has a track record with similar Flash and Arrow books.

Second, it is described as being female friendly. While I hope that means that a woman will be on the creative team, it isn't a necessity for me. Sterling Gates is out there. So is K. Perkins. Both wrote a great Kara.

Lastly, why not flood the market if the show is successful. Give us a DCU Supergirl. Gives us an all ages Supergirl. I mean, her book was selling 26K when it got cancelled. Landry Walker and Eric Jones want to do a Cosmic sequel.

I doubt we'll get a Kara DCU book while Kal is depowered (we could never have Supergirl stronger than Superman). But at least we are getting something soon.


Martin Gray said...

Duh DC!

Do you think the depowered Superman of the early Seventies is why Kara got depowered? Hmm, off to check my dates... Jan 1971 for Clark. March for Linda. Seems likely.

Anj said...

That has always been my theory. If Supergirl wasn't depowered by Starfire, she would have been the most powerful hero in the DCU. (Remember, WW was also depowered around this time too.)

Ryan said...

"Rushed into production" That's encouraging. Plus no other info is cited in the BC post. Maybe Rich is just trying to goose DC into action. With more DC You cancellations coming, I really don't see this as the time to launch a new series that has always struggled in the past

Anonymous said...

Well if cant have powerful kara while kal is depowered. They couldve had her depowered and continue her adventures on street level earth. With the last creative team it would've been great to see. I bet it wouldve been a non-angry and non gritty hero adventure compared to her cousin.

Anonymous said...

"Rushed out," huh? I don't know if that's a good sign or not. I am hopeful either way that it'll be done right.
And yes, the list of people they could get to write you've mentioned I TOTALLY agree with, Anj. Can't forget
Mark Waid or Tony Bedard either.

Taking a look at the list of TPBs being reissued, odd but not surprising that Identity and Good Looking Corpse
aren't on the list. Go figure...

Regarding a depowered Superman and Supergirl... I keep thinking there'd be rich possibilities for storytelling
from that, but as we've seen from your review of Truth, seems they're more interested in DarkGrimDark than anything,
so that'd go over like a lead(lined) balloon with TPTB.

Regarding the "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" pic, EPIC! TOTALLY put a smile on my face, Anj! Thanks for sharing!

Counting down to Supergirl Ep 3 and Reactron... there's been a leaked clip of the first fight between the two, and
that's had me clamoring for more all weekend!


Anonymous said...

Depowered Kal El cannot be overshadowed by his younger cousin, ever. This is a DC truism going back to the early silver age.....its a sad chauvinistic remnant IMHO....I say go with that very notion see how Supes plays out when HE is in HER shadow for once!
Agree that a "Digital First" book indicates its a show Tie In possibly aimed at rooking in new readers...but we are so starved for Supergirl in the prints that I'll take any reasonable incarnation at this point.
I'm down with an all ages book as well that mock up looks hilarious though I'd call it "Supergirl: Amazing Adventures at Summer Camp!" ....

Looking forward to tonight's ep, a good round or two with Reactron will tone up Kara's rogue's gallery to think I thought he was a charmless bum in 1983, now look at 'im....


Anonymous said...

To the early Silver Age comics' credit, though, it was more or less repeated that Supergirl was roughly Superman's equal in raw power. The brief time Supergirl becomes immune to green kryptonite (Action 282), Superman actually considers becoming Kara's assistant since she was then "mightier" than him. In Action 285 (after Kara's immunity to kryptonite wore off), Superman tells the Danvers that "she has super-powers as great as mine".

It was only later when someone decided that they should backtrack on that for some time.

Hopefully tonight's episode doesn't actually have Superman saving Kara from Reactron (like one of the TV ads seemed to show), especially if it shows him easily taking Reactron's shots while Kara's down for the count.

Anonymous said...

I too am worried about the "rushed" comment. Why did they need to rush in the first place? They should've been ready a long time ago. I don't know if this shows DC's lack of faith in Supergirl, or their lack of faith in something not dark and dreary actually selling.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

I'm glad to see that DC is reissuing the two DC Showcase volumes. I hope that they will release a vol. III and bring us the rest of the Action Comics run.

Uncle Screensaver said...

If it's being rushed I can see investors/ WB is wondering why they don't have something to cash in on this so-far successful TV show, especially when it's being asked more and more why there isn't a comic book for Supergirl.

If it's a Digital First, it's more than likely it will be based on the TV show, especially when Benoist has said that the character on TV is not like the character in the comic book. That the numbers show it's the highest super hero TV show watched by women, it's not a surprise that it's going to be creators who are female. Digital First comics are known to be cancelled, although Smallville did last a long time. Hopefully this will last also.

Having it a Digital First will also allow Supergirl to operate without the confines of the New52 Superman comic continuity right now, and also allow for future Supergirl appearances in comics outside TV continuity, presuming that's what the book will follow.

I wondered about Kara's depowering in the Bronze Age, and it makes sense that they couldn't have a girl most powerful! Just like in the one letters page where a girl wrote in and asked Supergirl be depicted with more muscle tone, the reply was "No. Boys don't like girls with muscles." In addition, in the second mutiny of the super-heroines LSH story, the girls had cheered her on being just as powerful if not more so, and Kara corrects them that although their powers had never been fully tested, it was assumed that Superboy was more powerful "because just like humans, boys are stronger than girls." She then became immune to kryptonite so that allowed her to be more powerful than the Boy of Steel. It can be argued that Supergirl might be more powerful than Kal because even with Highfather's "level up" she almost took out Darkseid by herself, and she alone might have killed the Anti-Monitor if she hadn't stopped.

Loeb and Turner's Supergirl WAS written as more powerful than Superman (Blackrock exclaimed this in a battle with the cousins) but then fanboys were outraged about this so suddenly she was only more powerful in appearance because she hadn't learned to control her powers and reign them in as Superman does (mentioned in the Supergirl #5, I believe). Although Pre-Crisis Kara was DC's second most powerful hero, writers for Pre-Flashpoint Kara had her under Wonder Woman (this was seen in Wizard magazine as well, with a presentation of the most powerful female heroes, Wonder Woman was #1, Supergirl #2. However, Superman/ Batman: Apocalypse had it still that Supergirl was either more powerful or would be more powerful than Superman.

Last night I had actually gone on Amazon looking up Supergirl to see if there was anything new, and aside from the trades, there's also a pre-order for a Super Friends book featuring her.

Anonymous said...

My thoery as in why no supergirl is cuz she is held captive by the big bad in the superman storyline. Prolly see her at the very end of the story

Anj said...

Here being captured is an interesting theory.
But I wonder why they would leave her alive and not just drain her like others.

We'll have to see!