Monday, November 2, 2015

New Cosmic Adventures Art??

Since 2009 I have been begging DC Comics for a sequel to Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade. Landry Walker and Eric Jones created a phenomenal all-ages Kara book which just resonated with everyone who read it. Old school Supergirl fans loved it. New fans loved it. It was truly all-ages in that all ages were entertained. The book was lauded on social media and is consistently listed on 'best of Supergirl' lists.

Walker and Jones had grand plans as well. They had plans for every year through to the end of high school.

Still, DC has never solicited a second mini-series.

With Supergirl being everywhere because of the publicity push of the show, Comixology put a whole slew of Kara stories on sale including Cosmic Adventures. And to promote the sale, Walker and Jones got together again to produce this advertisement with .... gasp ... new Cosmic Kara art.

I love it.

This is clearly their Kara, but she looks a little bit older than the tween we met in the eighth grade. She looks great.

And I have seen a little more than this single pic. This is a story waiting to be told.

The world is clamoring for a new Supergirl book.
Why not Cosmic Adventures in the Ninth Grade?

DC Comics ... take my money!!!


Martin Gray said...

I'm with you, the series was an instant classic, and we need more.

Dr. Thinker said...

I'm game as long they don't kill her off.

Anonymous said...

Heartily agree! If DC can't decide on what to do with Kara / Supergirl for her own book, why not a 9th Grade miniseries?

Counting down the hours to tonight's Supergirl Episode! Can't Wait!


Gene said...

I have lost count how many letters, postcards, and online questions I have submitted to DC about giving us a sequel to Cosmic Adventures. I think now with the TV show being a ratings hit, DC should roll the dice and give us what we have wanted for years.

A cool Supergirl monthly title would have Cosmic Adventures by Walker and Jones, then a "Oh Yeah Supergirl!" comic by Baltazar and Franco, followed by a panel by Mike Maihack. Tell me that wouldn't sell.

(Supergirl's Pal)

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Just seems like it is time for this to happen ...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'll drink the Kool Aid on this one, as long as they give up the tragic COIE #7 end for Our Girl....because with fifteen million viewers in her purse Kara is all about "L'Haim!"