Friday, November 6, 2015

DC Superhero Girls: You Are Supergirl

I could easily concentrate all my efforts on this blog to the Supergirl show, what with all the interviews, sneak peeks, and casting releases. But there is so much more out there.

For example, the DC Superhero Girls site is up and running with webisodes and games.

None of the brief episodes have Supergirl. But there is a lot of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn fun. Worth the couple of minutes they last.

And one of the games is an alter ego quiz.

Yes, I am a middle aged man who took a quiz to see which DC Superhero Girl I would be. I was Wonder Woman.

But after tinkering with the answers, I finally got Supergirl's page. She is fun and full of life and AWESOME! She is also kind and loving. Sounds about right.

Take the quiz yourself:

I'm glad this site is around so  that kids intrigued by the show have a place to explore. The comic side of things certainly isn't giving us much.


Anonymous said...

I have to keep resisting the urge to hit F5 on the DC Superheroes webpage... It's sad that Supergirl hasn't debuted yet,
and the first couple episodes have focused on Wonder Woman, Harley, and Bumblebee... but they're very enjoyable, and the
OP piece "Get Your Cape On" is addicting as H*LL!!

Between this and the Supergirl TV kinda, sorta makes up for the lack of a Supergirl solo comics title... but that
dead horse has been beaten enough...


Anonymous said...

Their plans for the TV show shambles (a repeat of the Jeannette Kahn endgame in ´85 pulling the plug on SG three months bfore the Helen Slater film)...
13mm views 1X01
9mm 1x02
some like 7 mm for 1x03
Now Bleeding Cool reports the biggest Luciferian concern in Planet Earth (aka the "WB")
comes home to roost and pledges a Sg comix for February...
LMAO : 3 times the Uberbats viewers !!!
Feel free, dear Anj, to delete this one too...
I know just how much ot must scare you.