Monday, May 25, 2015

Supergirl Show Stuff

Lots of stuff to briefly cover today. And nothing as big as the bombshell of the leaked pilot Friday.

If I told the Anj that started this blog 7 years ago that Supergirl would be getting a touted live action show, he would have laughed.

The Anj of today isn't laughing. But he is smiling. Because producer Greg Berlanti making a Supergirl show has thrust the character into the mainstream spotlight. And, more importantly, Berlanti and all those involved seem to have a grasp of who the character is and how she should be portrayed.

But even the Anj of today would never ever ever imagine Supergirl appearing on the cover of Variety. Here is coverage of the article:

And yet, there she is, in all her glory, arms crossed, smiling, standing in an iconic heroic pose. Amazing.

As a fan of the Flash show, it is great to see Grant Gustin on the cover with Melissa Benoist.

But other shots from the cover shoot are available on line. Here for example:

And I love the cover choice. But some of these other pictures are incredible.

Like this action shot of the Flash getting ready to run while Supergirl seems to be preparing to take flight. Love it.

But this is my absolute favorite picture. I can understand why this wasn't the cover choice. But how perfect is this.

After years of grim and dark takes of the DCU heroes, of Zach Snyder desaturating colors and having Superman kill, we get a shot of Flash and Supergirl smiling and laughing.

I feel like we need to make a caption for this. Like Flash saying 'How long will it take us to defeat The Gang? 1.6 seconds?'

But even still shots like these make me so happy that Melissa Benoist is playing Kara. She just exudes Supergirl.

A few more things to comment on ...

 "Supergirl" television series

Over on EOnline, Melissa Benoist talked briefly about putting on the Supergirl costume for the first time. Here is the link:

And I love this quote which again proves why she is perfect for the role:
" ... but the second I put it on, something shifts inside of me. It's kind of impossible not to feel strength and empowerment and positivity and hope. It really is pretty surreal."

I can imagine Kara Zor-El saying those words the first time she put on a Supergirl costume, knowing what the symbol meant, the inspiration it brings.

Mike Maihack, artist on Cleopatra in Space and the excellent on-like Supergirl/Batgirl comics, got around to drawing Supergirl in her show costume. I love this picture, a smiling triumphant Supergirl soaring over the city. I want this on a t-shirt!

Now if only we could get a Supergirl comic on the shelves!


Dr. Thinker said...

I think it's going to September for the New 52's Supergirl to get kept up the story..

Martin Gray said...

Smiling madly!

Unknown said...

My caption for the Supergirl and Flash picture would be:

Kara- 'I'm giving you a head start Flash!'

It seems to me like the start of a friendly speed race type photo. :)

Anonymous said...

She is gonna race him in those cute I give her even money all the same.
For the record Yvonne Craig and Lynda Carter both reported similar emotions when they donned their costumes for the first time, its a good sign the performer "gets it".
If Melissa B goes to the SDCC this year she'll blow the roof off the joint.


Unknown said...

When are you going to review the leaked pilot??..I haven't seen it but if I had hypothetically seen it would say it was damn near perfect!

Martin Gray said...

If I'd seen it, hypothetically, I'd agree, only really disliking a bit of business it lifts from Smallville. Hypothetically.

Anonymous said...

Caption For The Pic

Flash : "Race Ya" or "Fastest Man Alive!"

Supergirl : "You Wish"

_IF_ Supergirl crosses over with the other Berlanti titles, two things that has to happen a) have to have a moment of the guys
(and girls) taking in the awesomeness that is Supergirl, and b) Flash v Supergirl race.

"Now if only we could get a Supergirl comic on the shelves!"

Strongly suspect DC's doing a Supergirl #0 comic tie-in with the tv series... but yeah, longer term a monthly Supergirl title is
STRONGLY demanded and desired.


Anonymous said...

...and I got a good shudder down my spine when taking a look at the pose Melissa B takes on the chosen cover of Variety
and this picture I found --

Supergirl, confident, powerful and ready for action! LOVED IT!


Anj said...

Thanks for great comments.

I love the captions! So fantastic.

I didn't feel it right to comment on the leaked pilot. It was, after all, leaked. And my guess is that there would be further cuts or tweaks before the actual airing. I am hoping it gets super-sized to 90 min.

Thanks for great conversation. Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

"I am hoping it gets super-sized to 90 min."

Hmm, kind of like dare I say "The New Original Wonder Woman" 40 years ago?

As for the pic of them about to race I could imagine the both of them saying "Can you believe we were both on 'Glee'?"

"If Melissa B goes to the SDCC this year she'll blow the roof off the joint."

Or any comic convention for that matter...or perhaps the 2016 Superman Festival in Metropolis, IL.

Anonymous said...

Clearly she has been working out, lookit dem biceps when she crosses her arms.


Anonymous said...

> "I am hoping it gets super-sized to 90 min."

Hypothetically, if I'd seen the leaked pilot I don't think there's much more they need to show to start things off.
Over a certain point, it could have ended up wiht alot of boatanchors / filler material.

Again hypothetically, it gave us what we need : an origin story, linkage to the Superfamily, intro to the main cast,
her revealing herself and the motivations for doing so, one HELLUVA kickass fight scene... and her starting her
Hero's Journey with a winning smile.

> "lookit dem biceps when she crosses her arms."

[sultry voice]All the better to rescue you with, my dear *G*


Anonymous said...

I seriously now want a Flash-Supergirl road race....complete with humorous trash talk..."Gonna race me in heels Supergirl?" "I can beat you in a skirt Speedboy"...all for charity of course.



Anj said...

Hypothetically, I think it might feel rushed in just under an hour. They would have to rush through origin, pre-heroic life, heroic beginning, big fight, and introduce the supporting cast and the overall bad guy plots.

I don't think it would be filler as much as bolstering the plot movement.

And yes, I want a Flash/SG crossover. But I want it to be a musical episode.

Anonymous said...

"lookit dem biceps when she crosses her arms."

If I challenged Melissa to an arm wrestling contest, I'd probably lose. And after taking slings and arrows from other men saying i lost to a girl, I'd say "nope, just Supergirl." She would then of course say good effort and kiss me on the cheek while rubbing the arm I wrestled her with. I probably wouldn't wash my face for several days after that consolation prize ;)

Craig said...

It's so amazing. Is that a physical copy of Variety? If so, where can I buy a copy? I don't see any on eBay, nor can I find it on Variety's website to purchase. :( I soo have to add this to my Sgirl collection!