Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rick Leonardi Commission

Last month, I bought Convergence Batgirl #1 hoping to recapture some of the magic and elan of the Bryan Q. Miller series. The story didn't quite get there. Today I'll head to the store to get the second part.

One of the big reason I was buying the series was Rick Leonardi being on art. It seems like a lifetime ago that I got this Supergirl commission from Leonardi at a local convention. That was 9 years ago! Incredible. This was one of the first commissions I ever got and I love this pose of Supergirl about to spring into action.

Leonardi has been drawing comics for a while. But I can remember being a young Anj and being floored by his stuff on Cloak and Dagger. I loved this series. The art was just vibrant.

Hoping Convergence Batgirl picks it up a bit in the second issue.


mhunt said...

neat :9 thank you as always for sharing.

Anonymous said...

More than beautiful