Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: Convergence #7

Convergence #7 came out last week and once more I feel compelled to review the book. For one, there are some great Supergirl moments in the book and from multiple incarnations of the Girl of Steel. Second, the art on the issue is done by one of my all-time favorites Aaron Lopresti. Third, there was finally a moment in this storyline that made me sit up and take notice, a sort of ka-pow moment that was appreciated by an old timer like me.

That doesn't mean I think this is a fantastic event comic. I don't know if I actually 100% understand what is happening, why things are happening, or  what the motivations of the main characters are. I can imagine the pitch meeting.

DC exec 1: You know what would be cool? Having all sorts of historical incarnations of all our characters meeting and brawling!
DC exec 2: Sounds awesome! How are we going to do that?
DC exec 1: Who cares! We'll figure that out as we go.

And I have to agree with those imaginary executives. Seeing the pre-Crisis Supergirl fighting along side the original Captain Atom and Harley Quinn is cool. And seeing temporal rifts bringing back images of prior versions of characters made me smile.

But this 'dome city world', Brainiac's role, Telos' role, Deimos' goals, and the motivations of all the domed city prisoners? I don't know if I actual get what Brainiac was doing. I don't know how Telos got his powers, how powerful he is, and why he is doing what he is doing now. And the idea that one of the big bads is a villain from the Warlord comic makes it hard to take seriously. Just what the heck is actually happening here?

All of that confusion is swept under the carpet though because of the superb art by Aaron Lopresti art. I loved Lopresti on Wonder Woman and even bought a couple of issues of that awful Amethyst book solely because of him. This book was worth the cost just for his art and his rendering of Supergirls.

The Convergence world is somehow being thrust into the main DC Universe. The main heroes were mobilized in last week's issue to see if they were needed and to witness. Even Scott Lobdell's Watcher, the Oracle is present.

Superman is outside the JLA satellite Saving lives as usual. I don't know what happened to Stormwatch, but there they are needing to be scooped up and brought to safety.

But this is where that shoddy DC editing rears its ugly head again. Last month, the interaction between Supergirl and the Red Lanterns was completely wrong. And Guy was once again wearing a red ring.

Here he is in a Green Lantern uniform. But he still calls the Red Lanterns his team. And there is the dead Zilius Zox again alive and well.

Meanwhile, the lines have been drawn on the Convergence world. Those heroes fighting for survival are brawling with Deimos' organized troops. It is weird to see the pre-Crisis Superman fighting the Kingdom Come Superman. Weird.

But I love the pre-Crisis Supergirl fighting the Flashpoint Wonder Woman. Fantastic!

And great splash page by Lopresti. Gorgeous.

Telos arrives with Grayson to battle Deimos for control of the world and somehow all of the space-time continuum (or is it continuums).

What I like about this whole Convergence series is how strong and heroic the pre-Crisis Supergirl is shown to be. Whether in the Convergence Adventures of Supergirl series or this main series, she is right up front.

Here she makes the call to trust Telos and rallies some heavy hitters, old school Captain Atom and Ultra Boy. How great that she is at the forefront of this group, as the leader, and an important part in their campaign!

I will say again, Lopresti draws a gorgeous and strong Supergirl. But the best is yet to come!

The current Superman, Supergirl, and Martian Manhunter are on the satellite when a wave of temporal/spatial energy hits them. Suddenly, they are every other incarnation they were all at once.

For a Supergirl fan like me, this was pure gold. Yes, the headband costume is missing the red shoulders. Yes, the midriff costume skirt was blue, not red. But who the heck cares. We see the current version, the Lupacchino variant with full red bottom and weird S. But we get the 70s hot pants. And the white shirted Linda Danvers. And immediate pre-Crisis. All in one panel, all drawn with Lopresti flair. Incredible.

And we see Fleischer Superman, energy Superman, old school J'Onn. This is the power of DC history.

I have to say it again. It is great as a Supergirl fan that she has such a prominent place in the issue. I means she is square in the center of a two page spread here.

Clearly one of the best moments of the year so far.

Meanwhile, on the planet, now in the main universe, Deimos shows his true colors.

He doesn't care about those who are fighting for him. He gains power from their deaths, from all deaths.

Just like that the two factions of characters are all on the same side against a common enemy.

Now why Deimos wants everyone dead, I have no idea. I don't know if I understand the hows and whys of anything on this planet. And really ... Deimos?

There haven't been many moments in this series that have made me smile and giddy like a young comic book fan. I crave those moments that suck me into the story and make me think 'THAT JUST HAPPENED!"

Well, we finally get one here.

Hal Jordan Parallax decides Telos is the best chance he has of regaining Coast City. He makes the sort of decision Parallax would. He incinerates Deimos with a massive single blast. There is nothing left but a smoking crater.

I wasn't expecting that. But it makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, because Deimos absorbed the power of the time-traveling heroes, and Parallax killed Deimos, that energy isn't available to Telos any more.

So instead, time and reality goes insane. Reality is being ripped apart.

So, of all the Convergence issues, this one was the most fun for me.

Supergirl is really featured prominently throughout. We get to see all her incarnations. There is a'ka-pow' moment with Parallax. And we are near the end.

I do wonder though. Should I be worried?

Lobdell writing. Supergirl featured prominently in a Crisis-esque mini-series. No solo book. A possible 'new version', more like the show's Kara, possibly on the horizon. Could Supergirl die in the next issue???

But, rather than dwell on ugly possibilities, I'll concentrate on the fun. I was entertained. And that's all I can ask for.

Overall grade: B+


Justin said...

Maybe the New 52 Supergirl will die so that the Crisis Supergirl can stick around? Could be why she is featured so prominently and didn't really get an ending in the Adventures of Superman mini series.

Unknown said...

Wonderful to see all the Supergirls on that two page spread. It makes my heart soar to see the return of Linda Danvers! Even if for a moment in time. I love how she is depicted with determination in her eyes and in the middle of throwing a punch.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I just can't imagine DC ever putting out a pre-Crisis comic, as much as I would love it. That would be great.

And yes, it was great to see Linda Danvers again. How wonderful to see her again and be acknowledged by DC.

Supertorresmo said...

Whats up with the weird S in the New 52 Supergil in some panels?